Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 22nd July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 22nd July 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 episode starts with Preesha helping Vanshika to stand up from the road and get into a car.

Vanshika pretends to get hurt in the leg while Rudra gives her a thumbs up from afar and follows their car.

After Rudra heard Preesha’s claim of him torturing her in the past, Rudra knew something wrong was happening with Preesha.

That’s when Rudra asked Vanshika to help him lure Preesha to Dr. Awasthi’s clinic so the doctor can check why Preesha has violent seizures and reactions.

Meanwhile, at Khurana Mansion, Vidyut’s father asks him to leave Delhi along with his studies angrily.

However, Sharda tells Vidyut’s father to give him another chance since Vidyut has already apologized.

Raj internally apologizes to Rudra because he did not know how his complaint against Vidyut would cause so much trouble to Khurana Family.

The next day, Pihu tries to talk to Raj in the college but he tells Pihu he cannot be Pihu’s friend since it is like a betrayal to his family.

Raj tries to eat together with Vidyut during the lunch break but Vidyut leaves the table silently.

On the other hand, Dr. Awasthi secretly gives Preesha an injection that keeps her unconscious for an hour.

While Preesha lies unconscious, Dr. Awasthi does all the tests to find out the reason behind her violent reactions.

Just then, Arman calls on Preesha’s phone, making Rudra concerned.

Arman has tracked Preesha’s location and reaches Dr. Awasthi’s clinic in no time.

However, Rudra asks Vanshika to take Preesha’s phone out and drive aimlessly to keep Arman busy from finding out about Preesha.

This way, Vanshika is able to distract Arman while Dr. Awasthi informs Rudra about the high doses of anti-seizure medication he found in Preesha’s blood test.

These doses are the reasons behind Preesha’s violent reactions but Rudra says she remembers him but in a negative light.

Dr. Awasthi then says he would have to talk to Preesha in a controlled environment to know who has been influencing Preesha’s mind all this while.

Rudra recognizes Arman’s intention to give Preesha this medicine so she never returns to Rudra.

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