Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd May 2023 episode starts with Nayan leaving the police station with Nitya, Arjun, and Kashvi after signing the bail paper.

However, as they leave, Kashvi confirms that Samrat is the one who imprisoned Nayan, and Nitya nods in agreement.

She goes on to say that Samrat imprisoned Nayan for falsely accusing him of setting fire to her shops and that hearing all of this makes Nayan feel bad.

Kashvi becomes perplexed and says she doesn't understand why Samrat is doing all of this and if it's all for revenge.

Arjun advises Nayan not to be afraid of Samrat because he will teach him an awful lesson for making Nayan cry and imprison her under false circumstances.

Hearing this, Nayan orders Arjun and Kashvi not to see Samrat again and not to do anything to which they both agree.

Nitya concurs adding that since today is the auspicious day of Arjun and Mahima's engagement, they should focus on that.

As they arrive home, Dadi sees Nayan and hugs her excitedly, while Romila begins her phony drama and informs her that she is pleased that Nayan is back home.

Otherwise, the neighbors would have continued to complain about them.

Kashvi, on the other hand, responds to her straight away, which irritates Romila.

As everyone walks away, Arjun stops Mahima and hands her the engagement ring saying that it was his grandmother's and is now hers.

When Mahima sees the ring, she expresses less concern and states that she wants a diamond ring.

Arjun, who has an overwhelming amount of feelings for Mahima, immediately agrees to give her a diamond ring.

Kashvi intervenes and tells him not to because the ring he wants to give Mahima has a lot of emotions and sentiments tied to it.

Mahima still nags and demands that Arjun come with her now to choose the ring designs, and she mutters to herself about how she will meet Pradyuman there.

As per Mahima, if Pradyuman sees her with Arjun, he would become jealous and wants to marry her again.

Mahima and Arjun prepare to leave while persuading Kashvi to join them later at the store, where Mahima tries on all the diamond rings and forces Kashvi to wear the old ring Arjun gave her.

When Arjun sees Kashvi's hand with that ring, he compliments her but is dragged away by Mahima who keeps trying new rings.

Meanwhile, Pradyuman enters and Mahima becomes clingy and close to Arjun, calling him love and showing her jewelry, and asks how all of this looks on her.

Pradyuman is taken aback when he sees Mahima with her fiancé, but Kashvi sides with Arjun and tells him not to buy the expensive ring because it is Nitya's money.

Meanwhile, Mahima notices Pradyuman and introduces him to Arjun as her fiancé, making Pradyuman jealous.

She demands that Pradyuman attend their wedding, but Pradyuman merely nods and walks away.

Later, as the Roka begins, Arjun and Mahima get bestowed with all the blessings.

As the ring ceremony begins, Arjun opens the ring box and pulls out the diamond ring which surprises Nitya and she tries to confront Arjun about it, Mr. Bajwa refuses.

While everyone is having fun, Kashvi stands back and tries to free the ring from her finger, while Arjun insists it's his gift to her because the ring looks better on her.

The next morning, Nayan requests that Mahima learn to cook but because she has an emergency, Mahima delegates the task to Kashvi while she speaks with Pradyuman on the phone.

Pradyuman invites Mahima to see him because he will show her who is best for her and deserves her, which excites Mahima.

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