Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2024 episode starts with Arjun throwing juice on the dress that Aditya has bought for Kashvi to wear for the engagement party.

Kashvi gets angry with him and asks what is his problem so he tells her to wear his favorite dress.

Arjun tells her that she does not have any other option but Kashvi asks him to go from there so before going he tells her that her engagement with Aditya will not take place.

Meanwhile, the guests arrive for Aditya and Kashvi’s engagement and Vishal makes fun of them that Aditya is a gameplayer as he won Kashvi at the end from Arjun.

Aditya awaits for Kashvi while Arjun also waits for Kashvi but Mahima feels bad seeing Arjun craving for Kashvi all the time during the party.

In the meantime, Kashvi comes and Mahima feels jealous of her because she looks more beautiful than her.

After that, Arjun compliments Kashvi but she taunts him saying that the reason her for choosing Aditya is that he never allowed any tears to come from her eyes.

Then, Aditya takes her for further rituals while Arjun gets emotional and drinks excessive alcohol while standing on the stairs.

He murmurs about how can he see Kashvi with someone else and blames himself for everything that has happened.

Meanwhile, Pandit Ji asks Kashvi and Aditya to exchange the rings while Kashvi looks at Arjun and recalls the old moments that she spent with him.

Arjun starts crying while Dadi asks Kashvi to proceed further whereas Arjun loses his balance and falls from the stairs.

Kashvi gets shocked and she throws the ring and goes to see Arjun and notices that Arjun’s head is bleeding.

She starts crying because Arjun does not respond while Karun also starts crying and asks Arjun to wake up.

Jagdish asks someone to call an ambulance whereas Aditya asks Kashvi to calm but Kashvi does not stop crying.

After that doctor comes to see Arjun and Kashvi recalls the old days that she spent with Arjun after that she says that she is always there for Arjun.

Afterwards, Dadi asks Kashvi to have some patience whereas Vishal tells her friends that Kashvi still loves Arjun and she is not able to move on from Arjun.

Vishal mentions her as a mastermind because she is using two men at the same time but Aditya overhears their conversation.

Aditya scolds them for being cruel and passing fake judgments on Kashvi after that he tells them that Kashvi is sentimental and its normal that she is taking care of Arjun.

Vishal feels embarrassed whereas Aditya clears them that he is always there with Kashvi and he asks them to pray for Arjun.

In the meantime, Mahima complains to Jagdish why Kashvi does not go away from Arjun while Jagdish asks Mahima to change her mindset and pray for Arjun at this moment because he needs prayers.

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