Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Nayantara getting informed by the municipality officer that her shop is illegally built on the portion of foot path.

Nayantara gets confused and tells the officer that all the shops in the lane are built like this so why have they approached her burnt shop to be bulldozed over?

The municipality official then informs Nayan that the complaint is lodged against her name by Samrat Chaudhary.

Nayantara gets angry on Samrat

After the officer leaves with his junior on the bike, Nayantara mutters that she has to give it back to Samrat or else, he won't let her live in peace.

Meanwhile, Nitya starts talking about Mahima and her extravagant lifestyle to Arjun which a family like theirs won't be able to afford.

Nitya tells him frankly that he should let go of his civil services dream and become a businessman instead because the salary they get will not fulfill Mahima's desire.

Nitya is doubtful about Mahima

She gets sad which doesn't go unnoticed by Arjun who convinces her and states that his 'Chahatein' (dreams) are not more or different from hers as civil services blood runs in their veins. 

Nitya states that Mahima is not like Kashvi while Arjun smiles and says that is why he loves her because she is different and will talk to her.

Nitya somehow gets convinced by her son who then gets a notification about people who offered scholarships will be coming to the center to interact with the students.

Arjun decides to inform Kashvi via a call and she gets so happy after hearing the news and tells Arjun she will go surely.

However, Arjun intervenes and says she won't go alone because as long as they are together, she and he are together as 'We'.

After the call gets cut, Kashvi gets a bit melancholic and says this is what she wanted but Arjun's dream speaks otherwise.

Just then, Kashvi hears Mahima saying 'Love you' to someone on the call and decides to interrogate her about it since it cannot be Arjun.

Mahima lies to meet Pradyuman

Mahima says she is talking to Veera and taking some romantic tips to get cosy with Arjun which Kashvi believes after talking to Veera.

Later, Mahima tells Veera that they will be going to the Red Flamingoes Club because that's where Pradyuman parties every night and she will make him jealous.

Meanwhile, at the coaching centre, Kashvi gets excited when she sees that it is Samrat Chaudhary who has given scholarship opportunities to a lot of students.

She starts praising him a lot which irritates Arjun and he says he maybe a good human being but not a God.

While Samrat is talking about the future, leadership, power, and responsibility to inspire the students, Nayantara walks there.

Kashvi's Parents Fight Publically

She starts bashing Samrat publicly on the stage and says he is the biggest hypocrite if he is talking about all these things when on the other side he is trying to destroy her life.

Samrat makes a fist angrily while Kashvi decides to intervene between them, followed by Arjun.

Kashvi tries to cool down Nayan who heatedly asks her why she is taking Samrat's side when she is her daughter.

Samrat gets shocked when he gets to know that Kashvi is Nayan's daughter and grabs Nayan's hand tightly.

The media reports Samrat's behaviour as angry and bad while he drags Nayantara to a room and locks it together.

Outside, Kashvi gets overwhelmed and complains to Arjun about something bad happening as both her mother and Samrat sir are in an angry mode.

Samrat gets aggressive

In the room, Samrat pins down Nayantara against a wooden rack and questions her character when she didn't care about his feelings.

He asks her about the man she left him for and asks what he had that he didn't have.

Grabbing her cheeks and chin tightly, Samrat keeps asking her questions while Nayan gets overwhelmed and says he is hurting her.

Meanwhile, Kashvi finds out about the room Samrat and Nayan are in and gets terribly worried to see them get physical with each other.

Samrat tells Nayan that she is incapable of feeling hurt as she has hurt him the most while Nayan in a dazed state, notices Kashvi banging on the glass with her fingers bleeding.

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