Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 25th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 25th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th June 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th June 2023 episode starts with Samrat smiling and handing Nayan his credit card, inviting her to go shopping with Nitya and Kashvi.

This makes Nayan happy but she wonders why Samrat chooses Nitya and Kashvi to which Samrat responds that they have done so much for them that they deserve the same care and asks Nayan to take them.

He tells Nayan to go shopping at 10 a.m. which Nayan refuses because no one likes to shop that early in the morning.

Samrat persuades Nayan to go shopping with Nitya at 10 a.m. because he has arranged a lunch date with her at 12.

This makes Nayan happy and she accepts while it relieves Samrat because Nitya will be out of the workplace.

Later, Nayan grabs Nitya's hand and invites her to come along and shop with her but Nitya declines since she needs to get to the office.

Nitya is hesitant to attend but eventually agrees after Nayan urges her to come at Samrat's request.

Meanwhile, Samrat arrives in the Minister's office with Mr Gupta, shakes hands with the Minister, and inquires about the parking lot permission.

However, the minister with a smirk asks Samrat why he has come all the way to meet him about the authorization when he could have just discussed it with Nitya, who has now become her relative.

Samrat argues he does not want any favour from Nitya because people will spread rumours about him seeking assistance from someone in power.

After reviewing the file, the minister grants Samrat permission to build the parking lot stating that it will have no detrimental impact on the environment.

This astounds Samrat since it confirms what Nitya has been telling a lie about it.

Meanwhile, Mahima's companion, who is admiring the mansion asks her how she obtained such a large house in Mumbai to which Mahima responds by smiling.

Mahima asks that she contact her brother as soon as possible about the model tryouts because it is her desire to become a top model.

However, Mahima invites her to accompany her shopping and she is surprised to see Mahima spending money like water instead of struggling.

Kashvi, on the other hand, enters Arjun's room and mocks him for being so reckless by leaving a wet towel on the bed.

Arjun is perplexed to see Kashvi make such a huge issue about it while Kashvi refers to Arjun as a grown-up nasty guy who lives unbotheredly like other men.

She continues that she won't be going to correct Arjun's stupid mistakes every time to which Bua responds angrily.

She demands that Kashvi do everything for Arjun including managing the damp towels on the bed to which Kashvi responds that Arjun must learn from his mistakes.

She continues that she can't encourage Arjun's stupid mistakes to which Bua reacts by yelling at Kashvi, prompting Arjun to intervene.

He tells Kashvi that just because he married her doesn't mean he'll become a thing for her, and he recommends she not force him to modify his ways.

Simultaneously, Nitya enters the office where the minister informs her of Samrat's earlier arrival to obtain parking lot approval.

This shocks Nitya, and she slams her bag in wrath remembering how Nayan and Samrat both betrayed her by not respecting her boundaries.

She decides to call Samrat and inquire about this while Samrat is busy working on the construction site and does not hear his phone ring.

Nayan, on the other hand, converses with Dadi and inquires about her health and whether or not everything is fine to which Dadi grins and nods.

However, Romila intervenes and begins gloating to Nayan about their predicament in which they do not even have a single penny to pay for their power bill.

Dadi cuts off Romila and orders Nayan not to assist them because she is their daughter and they do not want any assistance from her or Samrat.

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