Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th February 2024 episode starts with Kashvi asks Sunaina to come with her to Karun's birthday party.

Sunaina says she doesn't know anyone there but still Kashvi declares she will go with her.

Arjun is thinking where he is stuck then Kashvi takes him there.

Whereas Karun is waiting for Arjun to come to his birthday party.

Kashvi and Sunaina reach there while Arjun thinks he can't fool this many people at the party.

Sunaina again tries to convince Kashvi but she doesn't listen.

Arjun comes and welcomes Susnaina and Kashi.

Alsi Jagdis comes there and recognises Arjun saying he has seen him before.

Kashvi says it's because Sunaina is a very famous nurse.

After which Arjun decides to change his clothes in the washroom.

There Arjun listens to Karun telling Mahima to call Arjun but she yells at him saying he never keeps his promise so don't keep hope.

Arjun thinks his son believes in him whereas Mahima is supposed to assure him but she says things against him too.

Arjun rushes and changes his clothes and decides to call Vickey.

Arjun tells Vickey that he needs his help and calls him in the party as for him it is getting trouble to convert into Arjun and Sunaina.

Then Vickey tells him he'll come there and asks not to worry.

Karun's friends are telling him why the party hasn't started as his dad won't come.

Karun tells everyone that Arjun will come when Arjun enters there.

Karun gets happy and hugs him so Arjun says he came as he promised.

After taunts Mahima by telling Karun not to believe his mother when she says Arjuna breaks promises.

Later Mahima asks Arjun how he knows what she told Karun as he was not there.

Arjun says he knows Mahima very well and she can only talk bad about him.

After which Arjun tells everyone that they will play musical chair first.

While the kids are playing Arjun sees Kashvi searching for Sunaina so he has to change again.

Kashvi starts to search for Sunaina then she goes to the washroom and knocks on the door.

Arjun hurries whereas Kashvi thinks Sunaina slipped into the washroom and she starts to panic.

Kashvi takes help from Monty and asks him to break the door as Sunaina is not responding from inside.

There Arjun is thinking about what he should do whereas Monty tries to break the door.

The door opens and Kashvi sees Sunaina standing right there.

So Kashvi asks Sunaina why she was not answering.

Sunaisa says she didn't hear Kashvi as she was wearing airports.

Kashvi says she should have answered at least as she was screaming Sunaina’s name.

Karun is thinking how Arjun hasn't come yet and Arjun sees him worried so thinks he has to become Arjun Again.

Later Vickey arrives there so Karun gets excited seeing him and welcomes him.

Kaun asks Vickey about Arjun.

So Vickey says he saw Arjun outside talking on the call so no need to wait for him.

Vickey asks everyone to play a dancing game so that he can divert Karun's mind.

Sunaina again goes to the washroom and changes into Arjun's clothes.

After changing Arjun comes to Kaun but he catches him and asks if Arjun went outside so how is coming from inside.

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