Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th June 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th June 2023 episode starts with Maaji giving Nayan her swear to not do anything while Romila walks away in anger.

Nayan asks Dadi to promise her that she will tell her whenever she will be in need of anything and Dadi agrees.

Meanwhile, Nitya tries calling Samrat who fails to answer her calls which makes her irritated concluding that Samrat cannot start the digging otherwise she will be in big trouble.

Nitya decides to call Nayan to stop Samrat and she starts bashing Nayan over the phone for pairing up with Samrat to cheat her to get permission from the minister for the parking lot.

She blames Nayan for cheating on her friend and asks her to stop pretending to get her and Samrat's plan executed.

Nayan gets confused with Nitya's blame and tells Nitya that she took her out shopping early morning as she has a lunch date planned in the day.

As Nayan cuts the call, she narrates the incident to Dadi and decides to meet Samrat to save everyone from more trouble.

Elsewhere, Nitya decides to keep an eye on Samrat and asks Mr Sharma to keep her updated on the construction process for the parking site.

On the other hand, Mahima mocks Kunal for not being able to get her work but Kunal tells Mahima that there is a big brand who wants to sign her and Mahima gets excited.

Kunal tells Mahima to get her professional portfolios to get the deal and Kunal suggests Mahima to get her portfolio clicked by Lokesh.

Further, Kunal asks Mahima to send her 5 lakh rupees for the portfolio shoot and Mahima sends her the money in a moment to seek work.

Back in the office, Mr Sharma informs Nitya about Samrat starting the construction work on the site turning Nitya more frustrated.

Nitya murmurs that she cannot let Samrat ruin her image and get the truth out.

Meanwhile, Arjun calls Kashvi as he sees a damp towel on his side of the bed and complains to Kashvi about the dirty room.

Kashvi tells Arjun that she needed all these towels and she thought that servants would have picked it up as Arjun told her the other day.

Arjun tells Kashvi to not act smart with her and mocks Kashvi while Kashvi asks him to pick the towels up and clean the room by himself.

Elsewhere, Nayan reaches the construction site and poses questions to Samrat stating that Nitya is angry with them.

Just then, Nitya walks in telling that she will tell the truth to Nayan and says that Samrat isn't leaving any chance to put her down.

She tells Nayan that Samrat intentionally sent them shopping to get permission for the construction.

Samrat questions Nitya for denying him permission even after his complete documents file and Nayan gets confused with Samrat and Nitya's heated argument.

Further, labour informs them about finding a skeleton turning Nitya nervous.

Samrat seeing the skeleton asks the labourers to be careful in getting it out while Nitya stops them from taking anything out as the site has become an investigation site.

Nitya calls Mr Sharma to get the police and forensic team on the construction site.

In the meantime, Arjun apologises to Kashvi as he accepts his mistake and Kashvi pulls his leg asking him to apologise sweetly.

Arjun politely accepts his mistake and promises Kashvi to change himself and shoulder his responsibilities.

Kashvi tells Arjun that it is nice that he understood otherwise she would have taken an alternative to teaching him the lesson.

Further, Arjun seeks Kashvi's help to put covers on his bed as his side of the bed got wet while Kashvi tells him to put the covers by himself.

Arjun tells Kashvi that he does not know how to put it as he never did earlier while Kashvi teaches him to put bedsheets over the bed.

As they get done with the task, Arjun compliments himself for doing a great job but seeing Kashvi standing he corrects himself saying that they both did a great job.

Kashvi smiles seeing at Arjun and he musters that he is seeing Kashvi's this side for the first time.

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