Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th May 2023 episode starts with Mahima dancing with Pradyuman and refusing to return home.

Pradyuman tells her friends to let Mahima enjoy and Mahima’s friends tell Mahima to come along since she has to perform her wedding rituals.

However, Mahima dances with Pradyuman unbothered.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Samrat adores Kashvi and asks Nayan if he can touch her.

Nayan tells Samrat that Kashvi is his daughter and he does not need permission from her for showering his love to her.

Samrat unable to control his emotions sheds tears as he caresses an unconscious Kashvi.

He tells that he always had complaints with the almighty for blessing him with life but not with a good destiny.

Now, he feels like all his bad luck has turned into good luck as he has found Kashvi.

Samrat calls Kashvi the light to remove the darkness from his life and is proud of her.

Nayan tells Samrat that Kashvi is more like him as she always made her remind of him in his absence.

Samrat tells Nayan that the first time he saw Kashvi he felt an instant cosmic connection to her and now he knows the reason.

Kashvi gets back to her senses and wonders about Samrat’s presence and asks them about their fight.

Samrat apologises to Kashvi and Nayan for misbehaving with them and asks Kashvi to heal soon.

Kashvi asks Nayan how the dynamics changed between her and Samrat so quickly and Samrat informs her about the precious gift Nayan has gifted her.

Arjun rushes into the ICU and hugs Kashvi tightly and gets joyful seeing Kashvi back in her senses.

He informs everyone that the doctor has permitted them to take Kashvi back home.

Arjun is shocked to find Samrat’s behaviour completely changed and jokes with Kashvi to lighten up her mood.

Further, Nayan and Arjun take Kashvi back home and Samrat follows them back in his car.

Maaji, Romila, and Bhaisahab are shocked to find Kashvi injured and Nayan informs them about Kashvi’s minor accident.

Nayan tells Maaji that she has forgotten to take Kashvi’s file in the taxi and steps out to take the file and finds Samrat there.

She signals Samrat to not walk forward as the family might catch them together.

Further, Nayan asks Romila about Mahima and Romila lies to her regarding Mahima.

Romila sees Mahima returning in Pradyuman’s arms and rushes to take Mahima inside the home and Samrat notices everything sitting in his car.

Samrat decides to talk to Pradyuman in the morning and keep a check on Kashvi and Nayan.

In the meantime, Romila and Bhaisahab put Mahima to bed and tells Bhaisahab about Mahima’s cunning step to trap Pradyuman to marry him.

She tells Bhaisahab to stop overreacting and let Mahima ruin Nayan’s respect in society.

Bhaisahab and Romila get overjoyed as they plan to spoil Mahima and Nayan’s equation.

After a while, Nayan tries waking up Mahima and smells liquor, and gets tensed.

Nayan realises that Romila lied to her about Mahima while Mahima is asleep and is hungover.

Meanwhile, Nitya and Jagdish welcome guests into her house and get amused seeing Arjun ready in Indian attire.

Nitya tells Arjun to talk to a carpenter and get the changes done in his room while Arjun tells Nitya to talk to Nayan to make the renovations according to Mahima.

In the meantime, Maaji joins Nayan in Mahima’s room and finds Mahima in an unconscious state.

She smells the bad odour of liquor and gets stressed about the pre-wedding festival- Jaago.

Kashvi also joins Nayan and Maaji in Mahima’s room and finds Nayan stressed.

Nayan tells Kashvi that Mahima has embarrassed her and now she cannot think of how to perform the wedding festivities.

Maaji tells Nayan that only Kashvi can save them from getting insulted in front of society leaving Kashvi and Nayan shocked.

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