Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th November 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 26th November 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2023 episode starts with Arjun bringing Kashvi into the washroom to clean the blood that is coming from her back.

He removes the dupatta from her back and tries to wipe the blood while Kashvi recalls old moments with him.

Just then, Kashvi realizes that he is someone else's husband now therefore, she pushes him away, asking him not to come close to her.

He asks her why is she behaving so rudely with him to which she replies that she can't stand him and hates him a lot for the things that he did to her in the past.

Kashvi questions him for deceiving her and he states that he kept on searching for her for five years.

However,  she questions him if he really loved her then why did he marry someone else?

Meanwhile, Arjun stands still and does not answer her question as he feels bad for Kashvi while Kashvi tells him that now he is just a trainee for her therefore, he should stay within his limits. 

Further, Kashvi leaves while Arjun decides that he will tell Kashvi that he reluctantly married Mahima but due to unforeseen while Dadi spots Kashvi crying.

She asks Kashvi about the matter when she tells her that Arjun is her trainee and today she became weak after seeing him.

Kashvi adds that he tried to console her while she asked her to maintain a line between his past and present.

She decides that she will not talk too much with Arjun as he is also a selfish person just like his mother, Nitya.

Meanwhile, Dadi prays to God to protect Kashvi as she still loves Arjun.

Elsewhere, Karun tells Arjun that today he went to his office along with Mahima Mahima comes there and asks Karun to go away from there.

Arjun asks her why she went there when she says that she wants to thank her but can't meet her after that Arjun feels relaxed.

Later on the next day, Arjun and his friend argue due to yesterday's event but Kashvi comes there to solve their fight and allows their first work to them.

Meanwhile, Mohan and his team hide illegal things in wheat bags to export them and they have the papers stamped by Kashvi which Mahima bought.

Kashvi and her team reached there and did the checking.

Mohan asks his man to relax and does not think much as they have the papers signed by Kashvi which will help them to go further.

After that, Mohan identifies Arjun and gets worried but realizes that Arjun will not recognize him as he has changed his getup.

Meanwhile, Arjun comes there to check their truck and finds nothing but Arjun recalls something and decides to stop their truck.

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