Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 27th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 27th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2023 episode starts with Dadi suggesting Nayan that Kashvi replace Mahima during the wedding.

She continues stating all of their family's respect is riding on this one decision while Kashvi remains still.

However, Nayan rejects this because she knows Kashvi has a deep affection for Arjun but is unable to confess because of Mahima and does not want to further hurt her by making things complex for her.

As Nayan and Dadi debate, Kashvi declares that she will marry Arjun in order to protect Nayan's image and her friendship with Nitya.

She says that Arjun and his family will be devastated when they witness Mahima's current state and that because they have no other option as this is the only way to save things.

Nayan hugs Kashvi as she believes Kashvi is willing to give up everything to save her reputation, whereas Dadi embraces Kashvi for this decision.

Later as Nayan struggles to hang the bridal decorations, Samrat grabs her hand from behind and helps her.

Samrat stands up close to her, prompting Nayan to stare at him and as she is primed to fall off the stool, Samrat holds her in his cozy arms.

She becomes nervous and asks Samrat to leave but Samrat refuses and informs her that he will stay to witness their daughter's wedding.

Dadi enters the kitchen and informs Nayan to speed up with the decorations and which makes Nayan anxious and demands Samrat leave immediately.

Samrat inquires as to whether Mahima has recovered from her hangover, to which Nayan responds that she has found a way out of it. 

However, Nayan's chain becomes entangled in Samrat's shirt, and she tries to untangle it while gazing into his eyes.

Dadi continues to call out to Nayan and attempts to come out of the kitchen to see if she is there which makes Nayan even more nervous and she requests Samrat's coordination.

Samrat entangles it and flees while Dadi compliments her on the decoration.

Meanwhile, Romila and Bhaisahab confront Nayan and Dadi insists that Nayan bring Mahima to the ceremony.

This astounds Romila who asks if Mahima is stable now and demands that she be checked but Dadi stops her and orders Nayan to do so.

Dadi, however, instructs Nayan to keep Kashvi's face concealed so that no one can identify her until the ceremony is done.

Romila, on the other hand, feels something is fishy and decides to inspect it.

Meanwhile, Kashvi's eyes well up with tears as she becomes the victim of Mahima's deeds and Nayan noticing her apologizes for her helplessness.

Kashvi emotionally embraces Nayan for sticking with her through thick and thin, assuring her that she will be no trouble if Nayan is by her side.

Nayan covers Kashvi with a veil and leads her to the hall which surprises Romila while Bhaisahab mocks her for squandering the opportunity to chastise Mahima for her upbringing.

Romila approaches Kashvi and decides to remove her veil, but she is stopped as the Bajwa family enters with full music and a band.

Arjun exclaims that they have decided to perform all of the ceremonies and traditions together because Mahima is after all his childhood sweetheart.

However, Nayan's expression becomes stiff as Nitya observes her and calms her down.

Arjun sits next to Kashvi muttering about how glad and delighted he is and expresses his desire for them both to begin the rites together.

Kashvi's heart aches as she feels she is doing wrong with Arjun for the sake of her family and Arjun smiles and demands to look into her eyes.

Dadi intervenes when Arjun is about to pick up the veil, stopping him and demanding that he follow the traditions.

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