Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd February 2024 episode starts with Aditya standing outside Arjun's car and noticing Kashvi sleeping inside Arjun's car by putting her head on his shoulder.

He yells at kashvi after which Kashvi suddenly wakes up and comes out of the car and tries to justify himself in front of him.

Aditya does not listen to her and asks her to come along with him so she comes in his car and tells him that she is stuck in a mission along with Arjun.

She tells him that unfortunately landslide also took place at the same time due to which she was not able to contact anyone.

Aditya believes in her and they return home after which Dadi hugs her and tells her that she is worried for her.

Sushma yells at Kashvi and asks her if she is cheating on Aditya along with Arjun after which Kashvi again justifies herself in front of Sushma.

She does not believe in her after which Kashvi requests her to call the guests again because she wants to ask for an apology from them and proof that she genuinely wants to marry Aditya.

Dadi also requests Sushma to give Kashvi another chance so Sushma agrees while Mahima taunts Arjun for spending time with Kashvi and always taking care of her.

Arjun replies that he will look after Kashvi every time whatever he needs to do for her which provokes Mahima's anger.

She tells him that Kashvi is going to marry someone else and she asks him to focus on his married life but Arjun ignores her.

After that, she goes from there while Karun comes and meets Arjun and asks if he is fine or not.

Arjun asks him what happened so Karun tells him that he heard Mahima talking to Romila and that he was stuck in a landslide after that Arjun hugs him.

Later, Arjun goes to Vnash's school and asks about Vnash's parents' details from the principal so he gives him all the details and Arjun goes to Meethim.

Arjun is shocked to see someone else in Aditya's place and he asks about him he tells Arjun that his name is Aman Malhotra after which Arjun asks further questions related to Nisha and Vansh.

Real Aman tells him that he only has two daughters and his wife's name is not Nisha after that he asks Arjun to go from there.

Arjun tries to connect the dots to know Aditya's truth while Mahima and Romila get ready for the mehendi function after which Arjun and Mickey also decide to go along with them.

Later on, the function begins while Aditya taunts Arjun for taking care of Kashvi the whole night during the landslide so Arjun also gives him a befitting reply.

Meanwhile, Kashvi scolds Arjun for again coming to the function and warns him from ruining further events.

After that, the designer applies the mehendi on Kashvi's hand while Arjun asks Mickey to cut the power supply to ruin the mehendi function.

Then, Arjun exchanges the mehendi with some other mehendi which does not leave a good color which will make Sushma angry and reject her.

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