Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 30th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 30th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2023 episode starts with Arjun informing Jagdish about his and Kashvi's concerns about someone attempting to harm Bauji a member of the Bajwa family.

This raises questions in Jagdish's mind and Kashvi informs him that someone had already attacked Bauji shortly after she brought him to Faridabad.

Nitya becomes anxious as a result and she chastises Kashvi for divulging everything.

Nitya becomes increasingly concerned as Kashvi admits that when he showed Bauji the family picture, he had a major panic attack, which is why she believes the assailant is a family member.

Nitya then considers turning the tables on Aruna because it will be simple for her because everyone knows her as the madam who murdered Nayan and Samrat.

She requests that Kashvi show her the family photograph to which Kashvi offers her phone, and Nitya recognizes Aruna in it.

Nitya tries to turn the tables on Aruna by informing Jagdish about the potential of Aruna attempting to harm Bauji.

This enrages Jagdish and he explodes in rage, asking Nitya if she is aware of what she is saying.

While Nitya tries to brainwash Jagdish but Jagdish stops Nitya and states there is no reason for Aruna to plot all of this.

However, Jagdish claims to approach Aruna in person and interrogate her about it, making Nitya nervous once more.

Arjun then leaves, leaving Bauji to rest in his room while Nitya considers doing something right away.

Later, Kashvi discovers Arjun using Datoon and mocks him but Arjun emphasizes the significance and usefulness of it.

Kashvi smiles as she encourages Arjun to use the brush from now on and make it a habit.

Arjun puts his hand in Kashvi's and they brush together while Arjun looks at her tenderly making Kashvi blush.

Kashvi wipes her mouth and blows light air onto Arjun's face making him stare even more intently at her.

However, Arjun strives to remain aware and claims to have thoroughly loved the process.

Meanwhile, Nitya wakes up in the middle of the night hoping to discover a way to end Bauji's chapter but the caregiver stops her.

The boy advises Nitya to leave now because Bauji is asleep and Nitya exits with frustration as her plan is constantly failing.

Nitya is dissatisfied but she promises to kill Bauji because he is the only person alive who knows everything about her past which she cannot risk.

Everyone sits down for breakfast the next day as Kashvi lovingly feeds Bauji the khichdi.

Meanwhile, Nitya receives a phone call from Mr. Sharma, who informs her that Suraj and Pankaj have escaped from jail.

She relays this news to everyone, adding that she is now certain that it was either of them who attacked Bauji.

Kashvi is taken aback and wonders how Suraj and Pankaj managed to flee while Nitya mutters about how she merely organized everything through Sharma and blames everything on Aruna.

Kashvi persists in questioning Aruna about it but Nitya dismisses Aruna as a criminal who refuses to share her secrets.

However, Jagdish agrees with Kashvi and chooses to face Aruna on the subject.

Meanwhile, Mahima sits with many beauty professionals about her makeup, and Pradyuman calls to check on her.

Pradyuman wails with delight that he can't wait to begin his life with her while Mahima deems Pradyuman the biggest idiot who is blind to see her evil plans.

Later, Kashvi, Arjun, Nitya, and Jagdish face Aruna as she cries out believing they have come to free her.

Nitya accuses Aruna of injuring Bauji while Aruna is astonished to learn that Bauji is still alive.

Arjun yells at Aruna accusing her of murder and being the mastermind behind everything while Aruna cries out that she did nothing wrong.

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