Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 30th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 30th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th May 2023 episode starts with Romila getting Mahima’s bridal dress that Nitya got for her.

However, Mahima requests Romila to speak in a lower voice as she is already having a headache.

Kashvi pulls Mahima toward the mirror to show Mahima’s reaction to her bridal dress to Arjun.

Mahima putting on the bridal dress makes sad faces and Kashvi blocks the mirror to avoid Arjun getting hurt.

Further, as Arjun leaves there, Mahima throws the dress and tells her that they could have asked her for her choice.

Romila instigates Mahima

Kashvi walks out in a rage of anger and Romila takes the opportunity to instigate Mahima.

She tells Mahima that her life would have been better if she was getting married to Pradyuman.

Romila states that Pradyuman would have taken care of her like a queen and provoked her against Nayan.

Mahima manipulated by Romila mutters to herself that she should take a call for herself.

Meanwhile, Arjun reprimands Kashvi for blocking the mirror and Kashvi apologises to him for being an obstacle.

Kashvi tells Arjun that Mahima was happy with his choice and Arjun gets overjoyed knowing Mahima’s reaction.

Just then, Arjun helps Kashvi in making laddoo and Kashvi admires Arjun with love in her eyes and a smile on her face.

Nayan passing by the hall observes Kashvi and Arjun together and interrupts Arjun from doing preparations.

Arjun insists Nayan let him help Kashvi as he has personal motives behind his help to get married to Mahima soon.

Further, Nayan takes Kashvi along with her and tells her to keep her distance from Arjun although he is her good friend.

Kashvi apologises to Nayan but Nayan assures Kashvi that she will find the love of her life only if it is written in her destiny.

In the meantime, Samrat walks into Nayan’s house and greets everyone.

Maaji surprises everyone as she tells them that she invited Samrat to the wedding.

Samrat thanks Maaji for inviting him to the wedding as he is ready to help the family with the rituals.

Maaji and Nitya take Samrat to make the laddoo and help him in making the laddoo for the ritual.

Nayan observes Samrat excitedly making laddoo along with Nitya and Maaji.

Meanwhile, Mahima is stressed thinking about her marriage to Arjun and gets irritated by a knock on her window.

She gets happy seeing Pradyuman on her window and tells him that she cannot step out as Nayan has locked her in the room.

As Pradyuman jumps into her room, he tells Mahima that Samrat has warned him to stay away from Mahima otherwise, he will call his dad who will make sure that Pradyuman leaves India forever.

On the other hand, Kashvi offers a glass of water to the jeweller who observes a ring on Kashvi’s finger.

The jeweller asks for the ring from Kashvi and tells her that it is the real diamond making Kashvi shocked.

Kashvi takes the ring back and gets surprised to know the price of the ring.

She realises that Mahima has lied to Nayan and contemplates about the ring.

In Mahima’s room, Mahima confesses her love to Pradyuman and pretends to shed a tear.

Mahima cries her heart out and tries instigating Pradyuman against Samrat, telling him to choose her over Samrat.

As Pradyuman holds Mahima to wipe her tears, Mahima taunts him for touching her without any rights over her.

Pradyuman tries comforting her and blurts out his love to her and tells her that he cannot live without her.

He tells Mahima that he will choose her if that means going against Samrat.

Kashvi sees Mahima and Pradyuman together

Pradyuman requests Mahima to elope with him and get married to him.

Mahima and Pradyuman share an intimate moment to express their happiness and love to each other.

Just then, Kashvi walks into Mahima’s room and gets stunned seeing them together.

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