Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 31st January 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 31st January 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2023 episode starts with the hospital guard opening the lock at gunpoint. 

However, Samrat's bodyguard attacks the hospital guard with a gun while he was distracted and renders him unconscious.

Nayantara tells Prem to run fast or Samrat's goon will catch them again. 

Meanwhile, Seema tells Mohit to not marry Aliya. 

However, Mohit tells her that he is marrying Aliya to save Ishani because Samrat is too powerful.

Mohit tells her that if he does not marry Aliya, then Samrat will send Ishani to jail and ruin her career and her life which he cannot bear. 

Seema asks him what has he thought about his life if his life will get ruined by marrying Aliya.

However, Mohit tells her that if he can save his love, then this sacrifice is very small. 

Seema thinks of stopping Mohit from ruining his life.

Meanwhile, Prem and Nayantara are trapped and wonder how they can escape when Prem suggests calling his driver and on that car, they will escape. 

Afterward, both of them escape in the car driven by Prem's driver. 

Nayantara thinks of going to Samrat’s house and meeting Mohit to stop the marriage by telling him the truth. 

Meanwhile, Ishani is thinking about Nayantara not calling her when her boss tells her that they have got a gig for the night and they will have to perform there. 

In the meantime, Aliya is getting ready to marry Mohit when Samrat comes there to give her a wedding gift and tells her that he can do anything for her. 

In the meantime, Nayantara arrives at Samrat’s house dressed as a drummer and waits for a proper time to go inside. 

Just then, Samrat looks directly at Nayantara while she worries about being recognized and sighs with relief when he moves ahead. 

Afterward, she arrives in Mohit’s room but instead of Mohit, she finds Seema who believes her to be a thief. 

Nayan introduces her as Nayantara who is Ishani’s sister. 

Seema is shocked to hear that Nayan is Ishani’s sister but hearing Revati’s voice, she hides behind a curtain, requesting Seema not to tell anything to Revati. 

Seema feels caught and tells Revati that she is looking for Mohit. 

Revati tells her that Mohit is in Samrat’s room as he wants him to look the best. 

She further tells Seema that she heard some voices as if she was talking to someone. 

Nayan prays that Seema does not tell Revati about her. 

Seema lies about talking to her family in London on speaker phone and leaves with Revati to go see Mohit. 

Meanwhile, Samrat gets a call from his guard who tells him that Nayantara has escaped with the help of a child whom she was calling Prem. 

Samrat gets worried and decides to be by Mohit’s side so that Nayantara cannot reach him and tell the truth. 

Later, Samrat confiscates Mohit’s phone so that Nayantara cannot reach Mohit in any case. 

Just then, Revati admires Mohit who is looking handsome in his groom's dress, and takes him downstairs. 

Seema tells them that she has a call to make and will join them shortly. 

After a while, Seema comes to Nayantara and asks her why is she here.

Nayantara tells her that Samrat is blackmailing Mohit by saying he will send both Ishani and Mohit to jail if he does not agree to marry Aliya who is severely hurt and paralyzed. 

Nayan also tells her that Aliya is neither hurt nor paralyzed but Mohit does not know that. 

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