Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd February 2024 episode starts with everyone panicking after a power cut takes place.

Dadi asks Kashvi how the mehendi function will proceed without light so Kashvi suggests everyone to open the flash light of their phone and she asks the designer to continue the mehendi.

Aditya says that it is an innovative idea to do a function in the flashlight after that he goes to check why the power cut took place.

Meanwhile, Kashvi stares at Arjun while mehendi is being applied to her hand whereas Aditya finds that someone has removed the fuse that's why a power cut took place.

He doubts Arjun would have done this but realizes that Arjun was in the function the whole time after that he corrects the switchboard.

On the other hand, Kashvi comes to the washroom but she is not able to tie her lehenga so Arjun comes there and asks her if he can help her.

She refuses but Arjun tightly holds her waist and ties her lehenga which makes Kashvi breathless and she gets lost in him.

After that, he corrects her dupatta but she asks him to stop and says that she can do it on her own so he puts the dupatta on her forehead.

Then, he corrects her dupatta and compliments her after that he is about to kiss her but Kashvi asks him to go away from there.

Arjun denies so Kashvi goes from there and Aditya feeds Kashvi from his hands, making him jealous.

Mahima asks Arjun to feed her because she has applied mehendi to her hands but Arjun refuses which makes her angry and she goes away.

Meanwhile, Mickey comes and meets Arjun and they discuss their further plan after that Mickey proceeds with the plan and makes a fake call to Aditya to distract him so that he can stay away from Kashvi.

Kashvi feels thirsty so Arjun makes her drink water while Mahima feels bad seeing Arjun taking care of Kashvi.

Arjun teases Kashvi while guests ask Sushma to do the bangle ceremony as they are getting late but Sushma tells them that unless the mehendi darkens on Kashvi's hand she will not start the bangle ceremony.

She asks the guest to go back and after some time, she asks Kashvi to remove the mehendi so that they can proceed for the bangle ceremony.

Mehendi does not darken on Kashvi's hand so Sushma suggests Aditya cancel the wedding because she thinks that god does not want them to get married.

Aditya tells Sushma that he loves Kashvi the most and color of mehendi cannot decide their love.

He shows his mehendi and says that his mehendi has darkened, indicating that Kashvi loves him the most while Mahima tells Sushma that Kashvi and Aditya's couple is the best.

Then, Romila asks Arjun that they should leave for their house while Kashvi taunts Arjun for again trying to ruin her plan.

Later on the next day, Arjun wonders for an idea to find Nisha and Vansh to expose Aditya in front of Kashvi.

Suddenly, Arjun notices that Kashvi and Aditya are practicing for their wedding dance and he gets angry to see it after which he punches his hand on the brick.

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