Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd June 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd June 2023 episode starts with Samrat crying his heart out to Nayan for helping Kashvi in healing her pain while Nayan hugs him.

Meanwhile, Monty asks Romila for the sweet dish they have prepared for the wedding and Romila remembers that she kept the sweets on the terrace and goes to get them.

In the meantime, Samrat tells Nayan that he is responsible for Kashvi’s pain.

Samrat blames himself for not confessing his love to Nayan back then and not making her realise her importance.

He tells Nayan that he is sorry that his life is hovering around the questions that he could not ask at the right time.

Samrat cups Nayan’s face close to his and seeks her forgiveness for putting her and Kashvi in pain.

On the other hand, Kashvi walks toward the terrace for getting her notes as well.

Romila clicks a photo!

Meanwhile, Romila gets shocked to find Nayan and Samrat standing close to each other.

Romila rubs her eyes to make herself believe and clicks Samrat and Nayan’s picture before she misses out on anything.

Just then, Samrat gives a peck on Nayan’s forehead expressing his love unaware of Romila’s presence.

Romila decides to create drama in Nayan’s life after showing the photos to everyone and dreams about getting everything to herself.

Meanwhile, Mahima impatiently waits for Pradyuman and gets excited to see him at the window.

Mahima tells Pradyuman to hurry up but the suitcase gets stuck blocking the window.

In the meantime, a joyful Romila turns back and bumps into Kashvi and her phone falls.

Romila scolds Kashvi and blurts out that it is precious to her in ousting her mother’s secret to everyone.

Kashvi ignoring Romila’s blabbering walks toward the terrace.

On the other hand, Nayan steps back and tells Samrat that they shouldn’t have crossed their lines as things have changed between them.

However, Samrat tries to make Nayan understand that the love between them can never fade and will stand the test of time but gets shocked at seeing Kashvi standing there.

Kashvi expresses her gratitude to Samrat for standing by Nayan’s side and is relieved to see them on cordial terms.

Nayan refuses to consider Samrat as her friend but Samrat interrupts her and tells Kashvi that he takes Nayan as his close friend.

Further, Kashvi tells Nayan that Romila scolded her without any reason and was agitated for making her phone fall.

Nayan gets freaked out on realising that Romila saw her and Samrat sharing their moment.

She runs down followed by Samrat as she gets nervous about Romila’s next moves to put her down.

Meanwhile, Arjun tells Nitya that he will be joining them after wishing Mahima goodnight.

Nitya jokes with Arjun and asks him to hug Mahima on their behalf as well.

Romila blames Nayan and Samrat!

Just then, Romila asks Arjun and Nitya to stay back as she has breaking news that can sweep the ground beneath their feet.

Romila tells everyone that she saw Nayan and Samrat kissing each other on the terrace.

She tells Maaji that her Nayan is no devi and has been playing games on their back while pretending to be a naive woman.

Samrat gets enraged at seeing Romila degrading Nayan and yells at her for minding her words.

However, Romila tells everyone that Nayan and Samrat are having an affair fooling everyone around and shows the picture on her phone.

Back in Mahima’s room, Mahima tells Pradyuman to wait for her in his car and walks out to witness Romila's drama.

Meanwhile, Romila instigates Maaji as she tells her that Nayan did not even think about their family's reputation.

Bhaisahab also adds fuel to the fire as he tells everyone that his brother could not have tolerated Nayan’s extramarital affair.

An agitated Samrat warns Romila and Bhaisahab to not put Nayan down.

Romila's plan backfires

Further, Kashvi snatches the phone from Romila’s hand and bashes her for blaming Nayan without any evidence as the picture is not clear.

Samrat takes advantage of the blurred photo and blames Romila for cooking up a story to insult Nayan.

He tells Romila that he was helping Nayan with her eyes and takes the guarantee for Nayan’s sincerity.

Romila questions Samrat for being on the terrace alone with Nayan when everyone was downstairs.

Kashvi tells Romila to not blame Nayan unnecessarily as she will not hear anything against Nayan.

Romila drags Nitya into their heated argument and asks her if she is wrong in blaming Nayan for being alone with Samrat on the terrace.

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