Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 4th March 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 4th March 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2023 episode starts with Aliya telling Mansi that Samrat has everything she wants so she should come back to Samrat.

Mansi laughs at Aliya and tells her that Samrat is not only married to Nayan but also loves her. 

However, Aliya calls Mansi a moron and explains Samrat’s marriage to Nayan. 

She tells them that it is because of Prem that Samrat and Nayan are living together and also to make Mansi jealous which indicates that he still loves Mansi. 

Aliya tells Mansi that she does not want Sam to fall for Nayan while living together but if Mansi comes back to Sam, then he will be back with her and she will have a luxurious lifestyle. 

On being asked, Aliya tells her that she is helping her because she wants to take revenge on both of them and does not want the sisters to live happily. 

Mansi tells her that she will help her and will come back to Samrat’s life so that Nayan does not make a place in Samrat’s heart. 

Meanwhile, Malti slaps Ishani and Nayan for working for Raghav despite their opposition. 

Nayan tells Malti that Ishani is innocent but Raghav is the one to blame. 

However, Malti tells her that they have no proof of Ishani’s innocence and she does not have the strength to face the taunting eyes of society. 

Nayantara and Samrat assure her that they will prove Raghav’s crime and will send him to jail. 

Malti, on the other hand, worries that Mohit will not marry Ishani after seeing all this. 

Just then, Seema comes with Mohit and tells them that Mohit will still marry Ishani. 

Seema tells them that Mohit will not punish Ishani for something she has not done. 

After a while, Samrat apologizes to Nayantara for being responsible for Ishani and her problems. 

However, Nayantara tells her that it was not Ishani that Raghav was targeting but her. 

She tells him that she gave Ishani the juice that was meant for her to take revenge as she slapped Raghav.

Samrat gets furious to hear about Raghav’s disgusting plan and tells Nayan that he will not leave Raghav. 

However, Nayantara reminds him that he does not consider her as his wife and maybe his reaction is because of what Raghav did to Mansi many years ago. 

Samrat tells her that although she is only his wife for a few months yet he cares for her and considers her his friend, therefore he will not let Raghav go unpunished. 

Nayan also agrees with Samrat and tells him that she wants Ishani avenged. 

Samrat tells her that he has talked to his lawyer friend and tells her that there is no evidence against Raghav yet. 

However, Nayantara tells him that she will find a way to punish Raghav and get evidence against him. 

Later, Mohit comes to Ishani on the terrace and tells her that he still loves her and will always be with her. 

However, memories of Ishani being in bed with Raghav stops him from touching Ishani.

Late at night, a knock on their door wakes Nayan and Samrat.

A staff informs him that there is some lady asking to meet him. 

After a while, Nayan and Samrat are shocked to see Mansi with some strange woman.

The woman tells Samrat that she found Mansi on the road in a bad condition and taking her name so she brought her here as she is also pregnant. 

However, Samrat tells the woman that there is no relation between him and her so it will be better for her to send her back where she found her. 

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