Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 4th March 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 4th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2024 episode starts with Arjun collecting data regarding the murders that have happened in the past few days.

Arjun gets to know about certain facts and he goes with some data to Kashvi's cabin regarding murders that have happened after Aman's demise in the same way as Nisha and Savita have been murdered.

Kashvi gets confused and asks about it Arjun in detail after which he shows her details which surprises her but she asks Arjun why is he taking a risk by handling the case on a personal basis.

Arjun does not answer her question but just asks her to come along with him to meet Rucha and collect details from her regarding her father.

Kashvi agrees to him and gets ready to go with him and after reaching there Kashvi asks about Rucha from the worker.

She tells Kashvi that Rucha keeps on crying everyday after remembering her mother which makes Kashvi emotional and she starts thinking about her child.

Then, Kashvi tries to makes Rucha feel better by consoling her and gives chocolate to Rucha to enhance her mood after which she asks Rucha to help them in sketching her father.

After that, an artist comes and Rucha tells about the characteristics of her father after which the Artist draws Rucha's father's sketch but the sketch is weird and she tells them that she hasn't seen her father's face ever.

Rucha tells Arjun that he is her step-father and she has never seen his face properly after which Arjun decides to go to Prayagraj to get further details about Aditya.

Meanwhile, Rucha becomes terrified and asks Arjun if her step-father will come here and take her away from there.

Arjun consoles her and assures them that her father won't harm her after which Kashvi and Arjun h the offices.

They tell senior officer and Aditya about Rucha's father after which Arjun says that he thinks the murderer is a psychopath while the officer receives a message after which he asks Arjun to wait for them outside.

The officer tells her that Jaggi has again kidnapped students in the school and he asks Kashvi to go to Prayagraj along with Aditya but Arjun secretly hears their conversation and decides to go there.

Meanwhile, Aditya feels uncomfortable and he starts vomiting after which Kashvi goes alone but finds Arjun in her car and he tells her that he wants to go along with her to help in the case.

He asks about Aditya after which Kashvi tells him that Aditya's stomach is upset and he recalls that he mixed a medicine in it to ruin Aditya's health.

Then, Arjun comes in the front seat and tells Kashvi that he genuinely wants to help her after which she agrees to go along with her.

After that, they reach Prayagraj where Arjun asks Kashvi to handle Jaggi and he goes to find abut the murderers from all the families of the four ladies who died.

Arjun gets to know about the same pattern of murder in all the cases and he tries to connect the dots.

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