Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 4th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 4th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th May 2023 episode starts with Samrat waking up after a hangover.

Samrat forgets about last night

Samrat gets worried as he is not able to recall the last night.

Just then, Nayantara enters the room and gets surprised when Samrat calls her 'Antara'.

Further, Nayantara thinks that Samrat has forgotten about last night and starts pretending to be Antara.

She tells him that he was drunk and slept in her room last night so she went to sleep in his room.

However, Samrat believes her words and says that he shouldn't have drunk after knowing that Antara is not safe.

Since Antara gets confused, she asks him if someone wants to harm her and Samrat worriedly tells her about Mansi being present at the concert.

Nayantara keeps pretending to Antara and asks him about Mansi as Samrat explains to her that Mansi is his ex-wife.

Further, he tells her that she is the one who tried to harm her with an electric shock as well as giving the powder mixed juice.

Antara gets shocked but Samrat assures her that he will talk to Siddharth and find a solution.

Mansi exposes Siddharth and Nayantara

Meanwhile, Siddharth is sipping coffee while Mansi walks to him.

Siddharth blames Mansi for trying to destroy his concert and asks her if she is the one who tried to kill Antara.

However, Mansi accepts that while warning him that she will expose him to Samrat and Nayantara if he plans to take any action against her.

Just then, Samrat comes there and asks Mansi if she knows something about Siddharth.

Mansi smirks as she planned this while Siddharth starts stuttering and tells Samrat to doesn't believe her.

Siddharth tells him that Mansi is an evil person and wants to create problems between them while Samrat doubtfully asks him if Siddharth knows Mansi that well.

Mansi intentionally tells Samrat that she and Siddharth know each other very well while revealing that Siddharth is Raghav's real brother.

Samrat gets shocked when Mansi tells him that Siddharth is making a business deal to avenge Raghav and Nayantara is involved in his plan.

Further, Mansi explains Nayantara's revengeful journey to becoming Antara which breaks Samrat's heart and Samrat starts asking Nayantara if she planned all this to hurt him.

However, Siddharth interrupts Samrat and tells him that he planned all this and trapped Nayantara in his lies. 

Although Siddharth tells Samrat that he saved Nayantara when he pushed her from a cliff, Samrat helplessly tells Nayantara that he pushed her or else Mansi would have shot her.

Samrat swears on Prem while saying that he tried to save Nayantara but Nayantara gets upset and disbelieves him.

However, Samrat emotionally tells her that he got close to Prem and he loves him so much.

Meanwhile, Mansi gets scared as her plan turns against her only and leaves there without getting noticed.

On the other hand, Samrat requests Nayantara to stop pretending Antara as he dreamt of them living together and doing world tours.

Since Nayantara believes Samrat, he tells her to not strengthen other people's motives to separate them.

Further, Samrat tells Siddharth about Raghav's intentions to humiliate Samrat's family and Siddharth apologizes to Samrat.

Siddharth says that he doesn't know that Mansi gave money to tear the net and after hearing that, Nayantara gets angry with Siddharth for using her.

Mansi kidnaps Prem

Just then, Siddharth starts blaming Mansi for all the things and Samrat gets enraged and says that he will not let Mansi go so easily.

Samrat notices that Mansi already disappeared.

Getting worried, he calls Mohit and tells him to take care of Chintu and Prem.

Meanwhile, at the school, some goons kidnap Prem despite Chintu's screams to save Prem.

Till the time Mohit reaches the school, Chintu tells him that someone kidnaped Prem and Mohit calls Samrat out of worry.

On the other hand, Samrat and Nayantara get shocked after knowing about Prem's kidnapping while Samrat doubts Mansi for doing this.

Just then, Samrat gets a call from an unknown number and Mansi speaks from the other side while agreeing that she is the one who kidnapped Prem.

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