Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 5th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 5th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th June 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th June 2023 episode starts with Mahima getting her mehendi done while Arjun keeps admiring her.

Just then, Nayan gets a bowl of pudding and feeds Mahima with her hands while Mahima mumbles to herself that she needs to make up with Nayan before the night.

Mahima apologises to Nayan for her misbehaviour and Napan accepts her apology and asks her to enjoy the festivity.

The mehendi designer asks Kashvi to put the groom’s name on Mahima’s hand as a ritual although Nayan tries evading the situation Arjun forces Kashvi to put it.

Mahima asks Kashvi to refuse in case she ends up spoiling her mehendi.

Just then, Samrat walks into the mehendi ceremony and jokes with Arjun to pull his leg.

Arjun shows the mehendi on his hand asking Maaji for getting henna applied to his hand.

Further, Samrat asks the designer to draw the alphabet N leaving everyone shocked.

Nitya questions Samrat about the alphabet N and Samrat tells everyone that his wife’s name starts with N.

Samrat tells everyone that though he had to separate from his wife due to circumstances his wife is still there in his heart and memories.

Further, Samrat asks a nervous Nayan what will she get written on her hand and Romila grabs the opportunity to insult them.

However, handling the situation just in time, Samrat tells Romila that Satish’s name also starts with S relieving Nayan.

Romila tells Samrat that Satish’s name slipped out of her mind due to the wedding festivities.

Nayan mumbles to herself that she needs to make Samrat understand the situation otherwise Nitya might get hurt.

After a while, Nitya visits Samrat in his room and asks him about his relationship with Nayan requesting him to answer honestly.

Nitya tells Samrat that she has observed their behaviour when they’re around each other.

Samrat tells Nitya to think beyond the societal tags referring to his relationship with Nayan as a close friend and nothing more than that.

Nitya finds out the discrepancy in Samrat and Nayan’s answers and decides to find out the truth.

In Mahima’s room, Mahima tells Kashvi that she is feeling very low and asks Kashvi to get their favourite kulfi to relive their memories together.

Kashvi tells Mahima that she will get her favourite kulfi for her happiness and hug each other.

As Kashvi leaves the room, Mahima joyfully appreciates herself for successfully executing part one of her plan and decides to message Pradyuman for the next step to call off her wedding.

Back in her room, Nitya is lost thinking about Samrat and Nayan’s equation and Jagdish asks her to rest well so that she looks fresh for the Sangeet night.

She asks Jagdish to rest and tells him that she will be back in a while as she goes to search about Samrat’s history on the internet and gets shocked at seeing Mansi as Samrat’s wife.

Nitya gets stunned when she finds out Nayan is Samrat’s second wife and blames Nayan for lying to her.

She connects the dot from Nayan’s accident to Nayan’s pregnancy and realises that Kashvi is Samrat’s daughter.

Nitya decides to question Nayan to get her answers on the Sangeet night.

Meanwhile, Kashvi is trying to start her scooty while Nayan asks Kashvi to take a rickshaw.

Just then, Samrat joins them and asks them to join the Kulfi party and Kashvi excitedly agrees.

Samrat tells Kashvi that he can try to start her scooty while Nayan mocks him for driving four-wheelers.

He challenges Nayan asking her to make him eat Kulfi if he gets successful with the scooty.

Just then, the scooty gets started making Nayan lose the challenge and Samrat joyfully jokes Nayan to accept her defeat.

Further, he asks Nayan to sit behind him on the scooter so that she does not end up losing her balance.

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