Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 5th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 5th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th May 2023 episode starts with Mansi warning Samrat that she has kidnapped Prem and in return, she wants all his property.

Samrat gets worried for Prem and stays silent, to which Mansi asks if Samrat loves his property more than Prem.

However, Samrat furiously tells Mansi that he does not trust her but Mansi tells him to meet her in Delhi with property papers and she will return Prem safely.

Nayantara gets worried and tells Samrat to give Mansi what she wants because Prem's safety is more important.

On the other hand, Mansi gets overjoyed as Samrat agrees with her demands.

After hanging up the call, Mansi laughs devilishly while saying that now she is the queen of Samrat's property and she will celebrate it while spending the rest of her life luxuriously.

Meanwhile, Samrat tries to lighten Nayantara's worry by saying that she and Prem are more important to him than any property and now they can earn everything back by concerting as Mr. and Mrs. Rockstar.

Elsewhere, Nayantara's family is worried about Nayantara, as Mohit only knows that Samrat is coming to Delhi with Nayantara.

Malti worriedly asks if Nayantara remembers them now and at the same time, Nayantara enters the house while replying yes.

Nayantara hugs Malti while apologizing to her by saying that she did it because she didn't know, not Samrat but Mansi played a game with her.

Malti praises Samrat for taking care of them even after her rude behavior with him to which Samrat says that he is happy as Malti has forgiven him.

After that, Govind asks him what he has decided about Prem to which he says that he knows, where Prem is.

Samrat shocks everyone by saying that Mansi has kidnapped Prem to get Samrat's property.

However, Malti says how can Mansi kidnap her son but Samrat says that Mansi can do anything for money.

Samrat calls Mansi and tells her to meet at Nayantara's house to get the papers and Mansi gets overjoyed.

After this, Samrat comforts Nayantara by saying that he will get Prem back safely and leaves to meet his lawyer.

Later, Mansi arrives at Nayantara's house with Prem and releases him after getting the property papers.

Govind tells Mansi that he feels ashamed for Mansi being his daughter while saying that Arati also would have felt the same if she is alive.

However, Mansi rudely replies that Govind doesn't need to, as she is not his real daughter, and leaves there in attitude while calling them beggars.

Further, Prem hugs Nayantara emotionally and tells her that he missed her so much.

Later, during dinner, Samrat excitedly announces that he has planned a family picnic, which makes everyone so happy and excited.

In the morning, Mansi enters the lawyer's office irritatingly and asks him about the fake property papers.

The lawyer explains to Mansi that Samrat transferred his all property to Govnd and Malti, which frustrates Mansi.

In flashback, Samrat transfers the property to Malti and Govind while muttering that he hates Mansi so much doesn't want to give her anything.

At present, Mansi yells that she will charge Samrat in a fraud case but the lawyer tells her that she can't do that as legally Samrat has no property in his name.

Mansi gets irritated and laughs sickly by saying that she will make Samrat regret his doings.

Elsewhere, everyone gets happy after seeing the resort and praises Samrat while Malti sadly says that Paati also should have come.

Further, Samrat tells everyone to switch off their phones and enjoy family time while thinking that it is needed to keep Mansi away from the family.

Meanwhile, Mansi arrives at Nayantara's house and gets frustrated by seeing a lock at the door.

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