Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 6th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 6th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th February 2024 episode starts with Kashvi accusing Arjun of making Aditya fall while Aditya tells her that Arjun is not at fault. 

Arjun and Kashvi help Aditya to the nearest room while Kashvi looks at his foot and tells Adi that he has sprained his foot. 

Aditya’s family also comes there feeling worried about their performance while Kashvi tells him that she is cancelling the performance as they cannot risk more injury. 

As Kashvi goes to cancel the dance, Arjun becomes happy to see his plan work and decides to use this opportunity. 

At the dance floor, the host announces Kashvi and Aditya’s dance before she can stop her.

Just then Arjun comes to the stage in a mask to dance with Kashvi.

However, Kashvi recognises him immediately and tries to leave but Arjun keeps her firmly by his side and tells him that he has become sure that he still affects her which is why she has recognised him instantly despite the mask. 

Kashvi tries to leave him but Arjun continues to dance with her until the song ends. 

The audience claps for them while Arjun thinks that there is someone whom Kashvi will believe and follows her to make her listen. 

Kashvi pushes his hand away telling him that she does not want to talk to him but Arjun tells her that she should accept that she has feelings for him. 

Kashvi tells him that she has no feelings for him and he should accept this. 

Meanwhile, Arjun tells her that if she does not want to believe her then she should not marry the person who is wrong for her as he is married and abuses his wife. 

Seeing Kashvi get angry for badmouthing Aditya while Arjun tells her that if Karun will tell her the same thing then she will believe it. 

Kashvi agrees while Arjun goes to get Karun. 

After a while, Karun tells Kashvi everything he has seen at Ansh’s house. 

As Kashvi asks him if he has seen Ansh’s father there, Karun denies seeing him there. 

Arjun tells Kashvi that now she should believe it while Kashvi tells him that it does not mean that Aditya is Ansh’s father. 

Arjun tells her that if Aditya hadn’t taken the photos then he would have shown her but now she will have to give him a chance to prove that Aditya is a lying, cheating wife abuser. 

Kashvi thinks that she will have to let Arjun have his way and she will prove to him that he has been wrong all along.

The next day, Aditya comes to Kashvi’s office with an injured leg while Kashvi tells him that he should have rested. 

Aditya tells her that he is going shopping with his mother, Kashvi offers to come with him but Aditya gets flustered and tells her that she does not need to come. 

Later, Arjun comes to Kashvi’s office asking her to follow Aditya. 

Kashvi is reluctant to spy on Aditya but Arjuns insists. 

Later, Kashvi is surprised to see Aditya stop at a house instead of going shopping. 

Meanwhile, Arjun tells her to call Aditya and see if he will tell her the truth. 

Kashvi also becomes suspicious when Aditya lies through his teeth and decides to follow him to the house where Aditya has gone.   

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