Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 6th January 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 6th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th January 2024 episode starts with Kashvi scolding Param for trying to kill Karun for taking revenge on her child, saying that he is responsible for his child’s death.

She tells him that he could have sent him to an ordinary school if he wasn’t able to afford such an expensive school while Param says that he will kill Karun but Kashvi asks him to surrender.

Meanwhile, Neil comes there to take his sweater while Kashvi starts beating Param, making the other children come out of the school.

Param pushes Kashvi and is about to shoot Karun but Neil gets shot in his hand and he gets unconscious.

Kashvi notices him while Arjun goes inside to see what has happened leading Aditya to come along with his team.

Meanwhile, Kashvi beats Param saying that Neil is her son but Aditya asks her not to go against the law and he snatches the gun from her hand.

Arjun asks Karun what has happened so Karun narrates everything while Aditya takes Neil to the hospital along with Kashvi, asking Arjun to look after the things in school.

Kashvi starts crying and questions herself for not taking care of Neil when Aditya asks her not to worry while Karun asks Arjun if Neil will get fine or not.

Mahima gets worried and thinks that Kashvi should not learn the truth that Neil is not her son while Arjun asks Karun to pray to god for Neil.

Karun insists that he wants to meet Neil but Arjun tells him that once Neil gets fine, they will go to meet him and Arjun asks Mahima what is she thinking.

She does her drama that she is happy that god has protected Karun and Arjun gets emotional while Mahira reaches the hospital and yells at Kashvi for not saving her child.

Mahira blames Kashvi, believing she didn't give her child enough protection, while Kashvi defends herself, questioning why she wouldn't have saved him despite being his mother.

However, Mahira asks her not to join her name with Neil while the doctor asks for blood, making Mahira tell him to take her blood and Kashvi says that they can take her blood too.

They both argue but Aditya asks them to go and check their blood group before donating and the nurse tells her that Neil’s blood group does not match with Kashvi.

Mahira tells her to accept the truth while Kashvi gets disheartened after knowing this while Aditya tells her that final confirmation will come after the DNA test.

Kashvi says that she will do a DNA test so she goes for it and the nurse tells her that according to the DNA test, she is not his biological mother.

She is shocked to hear this, comes back home and cries in front of Dadi while narrating to her the things that happened in hospital.

Meanwhile, Mahima discusses her party plan with her friends but Karun asks her to give him food which irritates her and she pushes him, asking him to take food on his own.

Arjun shouts at her for not showing love and affection to Karun and he says that he doubts if she is Karun’s mother or not.

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