Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 8th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 8th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th February 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th February 2023 episode starts with Samrat talking in his inebriated state asking Mansi to not leave him.

Nayantara who was in Samrat’s arms asks him if he loves Mansi a lot. 

Nayantara’s question wakes Samrat and he asks her what is she doing in his room. 

Seeing the opportunity, she tells him that Revati is planning to send Prem to an orphanage.

Samrat tells Nayantara that he does not want to see Prem because he would remind him of Mansi who betrayed him for money.

He also tells her that she has taught him a lesson in life that all girls are greedy for money. 

He also accuses Nayantara of being the same and tells her that he has filed for divorce and in two days they will be divorced.

Nayantara tells him that she judged him wrong as she thought he will have some compassion for his own son but she was wrong. 

Nayantara Refuse to Divorce Samrat 

The next day, Samrat and Revati come to Nayantara asking her to sign the papers but she refuses. 

Samrat taunts her for becoming greedy after seeing this luxurious life and asks her to name her price. 

Nayantara taunts him for not having enough money to buy her but that she can sign the paper if he gives her Prem’s custody. 

Samrat looks shocked and asks her what is her play behind this. 

However, Nayantara tells them that unlike them she is a human being who understands the love and pain of other people.

She tells him that nobody cares for Prem in this house and she does and can give him the upbringing he deserves.

She tells him that she wants Prem to know that he is not alone.

Revati Convinces Samrat to Give Prem To Nayantara

Revati tells Samrat to give Prem’s custody to Nayantara to get rid of both her and Prem. 

However, Samrat tells her that Prem is his son and he does not want to give it to Nayantara so that she can use him after cash.

Revati raises her eyebrows at Samrat acknowledging Prem as his son and asks him if he has started developing feeling for him. 

Samrat tells her that it is not the case but he does not want to give Nayantara a chance to exploit him. 

Revati assures him that they will have it in writing that Nayantara will not demand any monetary help from him after the divorce either for herself or for Prem. 

Samrat likes the idea and tells Revthi that it is exactly the right solution.

Nayantara Tells Ishani to go to Madurai

Meanwhile, Nayantara gets a call from Ishani, who tells her they will marry the next day.

Nayantara tells them to go to Madurai after the marriage and their family will also join them there as Samrat does not know about their village and will not be able to harm them there.

She also assures her that Samrat will be divorcing her soon and she will also join them there. 

Revati Plans a Murder

Meanwhile, Revati’s hired detective sends the video of Ishani and Mohit to her and tells her about the court date. 

Revati instructs them to kill them on their way to court as she tapped into Malti’s phone which helped her find Ishani easily. 

Samrat Bullies Prem

Meanwhile, Prem comes to Samrat’s room, looking for Nayantara, and breaks Samrat’s guitar while playing it. 

Samrat gets angry and scolds him, saying he will lock him in the storeroom to teach him the lesson. 

Preem gets away from Samrat and comes running to Nayantara. 

Seeing Samrat brutalizing Prem, Nayantara shames him for treating a child so badly just for a few strings despite being so rich.

Samrat threatens to put her in a storeroom with Prem if she argues with him. 

However, Nayantara is not intimidated and tells him that she will also record his video of his abuse and upload it to social media. 

Just then a staff member tells Nayantara that Malti has come to meet her.  

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