Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 8th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 8th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th May 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th May 2023 episode starts with Nayantara waiting at the bus stop for buying a ticket for Manali.

Just then, Nayantara helps a stranger for taking care of his baby and he asks her where she is going out of being concerned for her.

The stranger gives her money to buy a bus ticket as she mentions she doesn't have money.

However, Nayantara faints at the bus stop and a lady tells her to take care of herself as she thinks Nayantara is pregnant.

Nayantara decides not to return to Samrat and tells the stranger she is alone and wants to leave the city as soon as possible.

The stranger gets surprised and tells Nayantara that their stories are the same, as he lost his wife Nayan when his daughter Mahima is born.

The stranger asks Nayantara to go with him and take care of Mahima as he is going to die in some days due to a brain tumor.

Later, Samrat keeps asking about Nayantara by showing her photo and reaches the bus station.

A receptionist tells Samrat that Nayantara bought a ticket for Manali and the bus left just 5 minutes ago.

Samrat tries to follow the bus but stops as the road is blocked while the police tell him that the bus going to Manali fell into the valley and all passengers are dead.

However, Samrat sits down while bursting into tears and shouts Nayantara's name loudly.

Just then, he gets Mohit's call and cries which makes Mohit worried.

Ishani tells Mohit that they have to go to the accident place to know what happened there.

On the other side, Samrat keeps blaming himself for losing the Nayantara while crying out his heart.

Elsewhere, Nayantara is going to Faridabad in the cab, with Satish Sabarwal and gets shocked after hearing the news of the accident.

In flashback, Satish offers Nayantara that he will give the father's name to Nayantara's unborn child, and in return, she can be a mother to Mahima.

Nayantara accepts that while deciding that she will keep her child away from the dirty game between Samrat and Mansi.

At present, Satish starts having severe headaches and Nayantara asks the driver to take them to the nearest hospital.

Later, Aliya emotionally tells Samrat that she is returning to London as she doesn't want to live a stressed and fearful life.

Just then, Ishani asks Samrat why Mansi killed Govind and Malti even after Samrat transferred all his property to Mansi.

However, Mohit tells her that Samrat never did that, rather he transferred all his property to Govind and Malti.

Samrat tries to explain to Ishani but Ishani blames Samrat for the death of Malti and Govind.

Further, Ishani leaves there with Mohit, Chintu, and Prem saying that now, Samrat should live his life without them.

On the other hand, in the hospital, Satish is about to die and Nayantara promises him that she will become a mother to Mahima and will take care of her.

Elsewhere, in the bar, Samrat gets heavily drunk and breaks some musical instruments.

Just then, Samrat gets surprised while meeting his friend there and Samrat's friend takes him to his room as Samrat is drunk.

Later, in the morning, Samrat tells his friend about Nayantara's death and his friend consoles him.

At that time, Samrat's friend introduces Samrat to his son, Pradhyuman, and within a short time Pradhyuman and Samrat make good bonding.

Elsewhere, Nayantara knocks on the door and a lady opens the door.

However, Nayantara introduces herself as Nayan Sabarwal and indicates at the baby while saying that she is Mahima Sabarwal, daughter of Satish Sabarwal.

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