Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 8th November 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 8th November 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th November 2023 Written Update: YHC written update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th November 2023 episode starts with someone coming to meet Nitya when she gets hopeful that it is Arjun.

However, as she enters the meeting room, she sees Mahima and starts asking for Arjun while Mahila calms her and makes her sit down.

Nitya states that Arjun has not yet forgiven her.

Mahima asks Nitya for an idea that would make Arjun hers as he is still head over heels for Kaashvi.

She bribes Nitya that once Arjun agrees to marry her, she will hire the best lawyer for her and turn the case around, getting her bailed.

Elsewhere, Kaashvi returns home and removes the dupatta from her face as Dadi asks her how will they stay hidden away like that.

Kaashvi tells her not to worry since the court's final hearing is the next day and they will leave afterwards.

She tells Dadi about her asking Chandra for a transfer when Dadi asks her if she will be able to leave the city without saying goodbye to Arjun.

Kaashvi gets emotional as she turns around and angrily states that Arjun does not need her and is living his life happily.

The next day, Arjun gets ready and is annoyed at the button being missing from his shirt.

Mahima comes and offers help but he rudely refuses, telling her to stay away from him.

She tells him not to be rude to her since what happened between them was mutual and not only her fault.

However, Arjun states he does not believe that they did anything together and even if they did, it was the biggest mistake of their life.

Mahima wipes her tears, stating that after what she's going to do, Arjun himself will come to propose to her.

Later, at the court, Nitya is sentenced to 20 years of jail for her crimes while Kaashvi thinks that she has finally gotten justice for her family and walks away.

Arjun stands up to look for Kaashvi, knowing that she must be there while Mahima smirks as she starts acting as if she's fainting.

Flashback shows, Nitya telling Mahima to hire a doctor to come to the court who will check her and announce that she's pregnant.

Nitya states that as far as she knows her son, he would step in for her.

Back in the present, everything goes as per plan as the ladies continue rebuking Mahima, calling her characterless for being pregnant without marriage.

Mahika mocks Arjun, telling him to speak up and accept what he did.

Arjun speaks up and states that the child is not illegitimate as he is going to marry Mahima.

He states that he is going to marry Mahima even though he does not love her but for the child that hasn't even been born.

He walks away with Jagdish going after him while Nitya tells Mahima to abide by her promise now.

However, Mahima tells her that she cannot help her and walks away, telling her to pray that God helps her.

On the other hand, Kaashvi cries as she walks on the road.

She thinks about how there is a part of her that wishes to meet Arjun but there is another part of her that wants to leave Arjun and never come back.

Just then, she falls unconscious in front of the car of the same doctor whom Mahima has hired.

The doctor takes her to the clinic and once Kaashvi wakes up, informs her that she is pregnant.

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