Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 9th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 9th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2024 episode starts with Nisha telling Kashvi, Arjun, and their family members about her side of the story.

Nisha says that it was the biggest mistake of her life to meet Aditya in the past which starts a flashback showing a younger Nisha raming on the streets with a baby in her womb.

Recalling how her parents disowned her, Nisha attempts to come in front of a car and kill herself but Aditya comes there at the end moment and saves her.

Nisha says that she wants to die but Aditya reminds her that she has a baby to look after which is why she should live and take care of herself properly.

Back to the present, Nisha says that she was the happiest after meeting Aditya in her life and started to like him for being so kind and caring toward her.

Kaashvi says that Aditya is not like that and she has known him for the past 5 years which has given a very positive impression of him.

Nisha tells Kaashvi that she also thought the same until Aditya showed her real colours after they got married to each other with Aditya being the one proposing to Nisha.

Nisha says that Aditya started to get more possessive with each passing day and finally one day started beating her up after spotting her laughing with a vegetable seller.

Kaashvi and others remain stunned to see Nisha's showing marks on her arms and back that confirm that she has been beaten violently by her husband.

Romila tells Mahima that Aditya has turned out to be more dangerous than them while Mahima says that everything has turned upside down from being the perfect way it was.

Mahima says that Arjun will do anything to bring Kaashvi back in his life and might leave her which will end her story in a moment.

With the discussion wrapping up, everyone comes out to the mandap area and Dadi charges Aditya with insults and accusations.

Dadi says that Aditya has been revealed as a monster while she had considered him the best person in the world who would take care of Kaashvi.

As Sushma tries to interfere, Dadi says that she does not want to fight with her after the scene she had caused because of Kaashvi being a divorcee.

Kaashvi says that she could have never imagined Aditya to turn out such a vile person after which Arjun starts beating up Aditya to punish him for his cruelty.

Arjun says that he has called the police already while Sushma asks Aditya why he is not saying anything and letting others understand wrongly about him.

The police take away Aditya after getting him arrested and ask Arjun and Nisha to come to the police station to lodge an official complaint.

Arjun, Kaashvi, and Nisha come to the police station and proceed to leave after the formalities are finished when Nisha thanks Arjun for saving her and Vansh.

Nisha says that she has nowhere to go to but Kaashvi tells her that God has already shown them the way.

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