Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 11th March 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode starts with the Poddar family doing arti while Ruhi wonders why Armaan is not replying to her texts even though he is online while Abhira goes to check his car that's crashed and finds that he is all fine.

They both talk to each other while the auto driver calls her as Maneesha and the family waits for Armaan.

Swarna tells Maneesh that he should say sorry to Vikas while Surekha suggests Maneesh to tk ask Kaveri to keep Armaan away from their entire matter about Ruhi's wedding.

Concurrently, Armaan and Abhira are in the auto-rickshaw going to while Armaan says that she will get late if they go to Maneesh's place first but Abhira taunts him saying she is anyway getting late.

Abhira gives directions to the auto rickshaw while Armaan asks the driver to take a U-turn as he doesn't want to meet Manav and he doesn't want Ruhi to get married but Abhira asks the auto driver to go where they were going earlier.

This leads to Abhira and Armaan getting into a banter while Armaan gets off the auto-rickshaw and says to her that she should go wherever she wants.

Back at Poddar's, Ruhi waits for Armaan to text back while Charu comes as Vidya asks her if Abhira was with her, to which she says that Abhira was busy with Kaveri's case.

Kaveri calls Armaan to check how things are going and finds Armaan on their doorstep.

She asks him if he liked Manav for Ruhi while Maneesh calls Kaveri and asks why Armaan didn't come and she adds that he better go tomorrow and meet Manav.

On the other hand, Abhira reaches her office as she meets a victim of that fire while she tells her that her husband got severely injured trying to save her and her kid and starts crying.

Abhira gives her contact number and asks her to contact on the reception.

She says thanks to her while Abhira says that it's her duty while Armaan recalls what Kaveri said to him as he goes upstairs.

Abhira, on the flip side, walks on the road as she thinks about Armaan's words.

However, lost in thoughts, Armaan loses his balance and is about to fall whereas Abhira is about to get hit by an auto-rickshaw but fortunately, Ruhi gets hold of his hand and somehow, balances him while Abhira saves herself from the autorickshaw but sees a car approaching as it hits her.

Abhira lies unconscious on the road while Armaan is safe as he asks her why she said that he would meet Armaan while she counter questions him asking why he didn't meet Manav as she comes close to him.

His phone rings as he receives it and finds out that Abhira has met with an accident and he rushes to the hospital, leaving Ruhi.

He reaches the hospital and meets the doctor and requests the doctor to let him meet Abhira while the doctor asks him to fill out the form.

Armaan is restless but fills the form worrying about her as he recalls what she said during their marriage.

Armaan realizes that he does not know anything about Abhira except her name and cries.

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