Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 15th February 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 15th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2024 episode starts with Ruhi asking Armaan to hurry up as she might come soon while Abhira calls and tells him that she has to go to Manish’s place for a case but she can't decide if she should go or not.

While Armaan tells him that they should keep their personal and professional lives apart and she should go there.

On the other hand, Manish offers some food to Yuvraj while they all are sitting at a dining table but he says that he wants no more.

Manish asks him to have it as they feed a lot to the people who get hit by their car.

Surekha further adds that she can't understand why he hid.

The man gets up to leave and receives a call.

They become suspicious of him and smell something fishy as Yuvraj talks to VB about him being absent and questions him for not telling him that Abhira is his daughter-in-law.

VB consoles him saying that he will take care of the case while Yuvraj says that he only wants Abhira.

Armaan hears it all and asks him who he is talking to while he replies that he doesn't have time for all this.

On the other hand, Yuvraj gets excited to plan Valentine's Day for Abhira as Manish talks to Ruhi while she tells her to take care of Swarna and Swara while Abhira is going to be there.

He further adds that he is happy seeing Ruhi and Abhira sort things out between themselves.

The mention of Abhira takes Yuvraj's attention while Ruhi continues as she says that Abhira is coming for work and she wants her to be successful as soon as possible.

Yuvraj questions Manish who he was talking to and he tells Yuvraj that it was Ruhi.

On the flip side, Ruhi hands Kaveri her phone back while she questions her about who broke the screen of her phone.

Thinking about the time when Abhira got shouted at for Ruhi, she decides to compensate and says that it happened because of her.

Kaveri says that Abhira is enough for this carelessness, and she must not become like her and leave.

On the other hand, Abhira reaches Manish's house and wonders if she feels very homely there as she enters.

Consequently, Yuvraj leaves the house and Ahira enters as Manish tells Abhira that Ruhi told him that she will be here soon.

They go inside and discover that Yuvraj has left his wallet behind while Abhira offers to hand it back to him and goes but gets a little late and leaves before she can handle his wallet.

She runs behind him as he sees her and struggles to get his seat belt open as a police officer comes and he leaves.

Abhira goes back home and reminisces about her old times she sees her guitar and opens a cupboard while Swarna and Surekha come and taunt her while Manish takes her away from there.

In the meantime, Arman comes there to take her back while Yuvraj asks VB to get Armaan and Abhira divorced. Abhira and Arman get into a banter and VB tells Yuvraj to stay in the farmhouse until his next instruction.

Meanwhile, Abhira falls into Arman's arms, which leads to awkward eye contact between them.

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