Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 16th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 16th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2023 Written Update: YRKKH written update

Today's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 16th July 2023 episode starts with Abhimanyu taking a selfie with Abheer and Ruhi and sending it to Abhinav to share with them. 

Abhinav feels happy to see Abheer’s picture in a new uniform and is surprised to see Abheer in his old shoes. 

On being asked, Akshara tells him that she could not meet Abheer and now wonders how he must be managing. 

However, Abhinav tells her not to worry as Abhimanyu has sent the photo of Abheer's first day at school and he is looking charming. 

Akshara looks happy and relieved to see him wearing her given shoes and almost smile and tells Abhinav that she has been worrying about him and her result since morning. 

Abhinav also recalls that it is her result day and feels embarrassed for forgetting while Akshara is dreading the result.

Abhinav tells her that he and Abheer both have complete trust in her and she will win it. 

Mahima Brings Shivu Home

Elsewhere, Mahima tells everyone that she is bringing Shivu home and tells Manjari that she is doing exactly what she has done for her son as he also deserves to live with him. 

Meanwhile, Abhinav and the rest of the family are waiting for the result to upload which is taking time. 

Manish assures Akshara that she will not fail at any cost and will definitely bring Abheer back home. 

On the other hand, Abhimanyu tells Abheer and Ruhi that Shivu is coming home and tells Abheer that Shivu is his uncle and aunt's son. 

After a while, Manjari brings fruits for the children but Abheer refuses to eat them. 

Abheer Checks Akshara's Result

Just then, Nishtha congratulates her friend for passing the law exam while Abhir asks Abhimanyu to check Akshara’s result too as he knows her roll number. 

After a while, Abhimanyu tells Abheer excitedly that Akshara has passed the exam. 

Abheer also shouts with joy to hear it while Goenka's house is also in uproar to see the result. 

Meanwhile, Akshara is forlorn and tells everyone that this does not feel like a win without Abheer by her side. 

She tells everyone that she cannot be happy until she brings Abheer back with them. 

Meanwhile, Abheer asks for Abhimanyu’s phone to make a call but he stops.

Manjari tries to stop Abhimanyu knowing that he is trying to connect Abheer with Akshara.

She tells him that if Abheer keeps in touch with Akshara then he will never adjust in this house and will forever be Akshara’s. 

However, Abhimanyu tells her that Abheer is Akshara’s son and no one can come between them just like he and her. 

Meanwhile, Manjari feels anxious thinking about the power of motherhood and prays that Akshara never become successful enough to take Abheer from them. 

Kajol makes an appearance!

Later, Akshara is arguing with the lawyer about not filing Abheer’s custody case document right when Kajol comes to her telling her that she is also working on Abheer's case and will look into the matter. 

Akshara shares with her the pain of losing her happy family because of losing a case.

Meanwhile, Kajol tells her that she has been there too but the only difference is that her children were with her. 

She assures her that she will personally file the documents.

Kajol tells Akshara that there is no weakness than motherhood and there is no power than motherhood and the fight is not over until a mother wins. 

Abheer Hugs Akshara

Later, despite, Abhimanyu’s apprehensions, Abheer agrees to meet Akshara and comes to Goenka's house.

Akshara runs to the door to reach Abheer first and spreads her arms in hopes of catching him in it. 

Abheer also comes running but stops at a distance recalling Akshara’s harsh words. 

Akshara requests him to hug her and forget his anger for a small time and Abheer hugs her which fills everyone with happiness. 

Aarohi congratulates Akshara and teases her for cheating while Ruhi demands a cake and party on Akshara’s success. 

Akshara thanks Abhimanyu for bringing Abheer and tells him that she would not have done it without his help. 

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