Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 31st March 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode starts with Abhira being surprised to see Ruhi here while Krish sees VB there and takes him home forcefully.

He slaps him hard and his suitcase falls on his legs.

Meanwhile, Armaan talks with a client when he gets Abhira's calls and she informs him that Krish is in the hospital which makes him worried and he rushes.

The client says that he is giving them a lot of money and he is leaving, to which he gives them their cheque back and asks them to leave right now.

He reaches the hospital and sees Krish lying on the bed when Ruhi says that it's just a broken bone and it will get better which makes Armaan ask how will broken dreams heal.

Later, they go to him as he asks the doctor if he will be able to dance, to which the doctor says that he can barely walk for now.

VB sees it all happening and cries in guilt when he gets a call from home.

On the other hand, everyone at the home gets worried as they are unable to reach Krish and VB.

Just then, they find Krish and everyone on the threshold and see Krish's leg fractured.

They ask him how it happened when he says that it was very crowded and that is the reason while Abhira interrupts asking him to say the truth that it happened because of VB.

He gets angry for blaming him and asks her to shut up.

She tells everyone that VB slapped Krish as he fell and a speaker box fell on his legs.

Ruhi disagrees with her claim saying she did not see it happening and they get into an argument.

Ruhi asks her it must be her misconception and nothing else thus she can't blame a father, to which Abhira replies that she is not blaming a father but a bad father.

Ruhi gets furious and says that she never had a father and that she knows what a good and a bad father is.

On the flip side, Kiara and Aryan console Krish and try to cheer him up when Charu comes with a glass of milk.

Elsewhere, Abhira stays adamant about her accusations while VB says that it was his fault to have stepped into this house and he should leave right away when Kaveri asks Vidya to stop Abhira but she doesn't listen.

Later, Armaan asks Krish how it happened while Charu asks Kajal to take a stand for Krish because Abhira is right.

Concurrently, Maneesh prepares for Akshara's birthday rituals and tells Swarna that still feels attached to Akshara.

Abhira and Ruhi apologize to each other and later Ruhi goes to Armaan's office and takes food for him.

Abhira reaches there too and sees Ruhi there which makes her angry and asks him why he did not pick up her call.

She replies that she is here because Armaan is his friend while Abhira says that she is here because Armaan is her husband when Ruhi asks her the same question.

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