Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 4th March 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 4th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2024 episode starts with  Abhira discussing with everyone the fundraiser ideas that Kaveri has to do as she gets a lot of ideas and speaks continuously without letting anyone else speak.

Kaveri listens to this and asks Abhira to let others speak as Abhira tells her that she can't resist speaking when any idea comes to her.

After which Kaveri finally shuts her up as she suggests a puppet dance while Ruhi interrupts saying “Time out, time out” which reminds her of how Armaan used to say this as everyone gets quiet.

Abhira tries to ignore this while Arman gives an idea of wearing dresses of different cultures.

Kiara says that it is a boring idea as Armaan says that he always gives good ideas, to which Ruhi says that only he thinks this way and his ideas might not be liked by others.

They get into a banter as Ruhi leaves while others notice that something is wrong between them.

On the other hand, Maneesh and Vikas are going out as they see Manav treating a kid's wound.

They meet him as Vikas introduces Maneesh to him.

Manav greets Maneesh and hugs him.

Back at Poddar's house, Ruhi is in the kitchen while Abhira comes to check on her and tries to cheer her up.

She further adds that even though she doesn't know what has happened yet she hopes everything gets fine.

Meanwhile, Armaan comes and Ruhi leaves while Abhira talks to Armaan convincing him to say sorry if he is at fault.

Armaan says that she doesn't know what has happened and whatever he is doing is correct.

Abhira says that she doesn't care and tells him to sort things out among themselves as soon as possible.

Concurrently, Dev appreciates Charu for finally convincing her family as they see VB sitting in Dev's office which makes Charu worried.

On the flip side, there is a fundraiser party at Poddar's where everyone enjoys it while the air is still cold between Ruhi and Armaan.

In the meantime, Dev asks VB what brought him here, to which he says that he is here to take Charu back and Dev refuses.

He further adds that he decides which employee goes and which one doesn't in his office.

This infuriates VB as he warns them and leaves.

Elsewhere, Abhira tries to get Armaan and Ruhi patched up by asking them to meet outside as she makes Armaan say sorry, adding that he still stands by what he said and Ruhi says the same.

They get back to the party as they get to know that the puppet dancers canceled while Abhira takes Kaveri along as they both dance in the place of the dancers.

This amazes everyone as they all enjoy it.

Next, Abhira, Ruhi, and Armaan dance, and everyone joins them later.

As the dance ends, Ruhi tries to dance with Armaan while he avoids her.

Meanwhile, Abhira goes to Kaveri saying they finally pulled up this dance, and appreciates Kaveri for her dance. 

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