Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 5th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 5th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2023 Written Update: YRKKH written update

Today's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 5th April 2023 episode starts with Aarohi looking at Abhimanyu’s phone and is shocked to see Akshara calling on this number. 

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu comes there and looks surprisingly at Akshara's call. 

He tells Aarohi that Abheer often calls him with Akshara’s number while Aarohi asks him how did Abheer get this emergency number which even she does not have. 

She tells him that for him this wedding might be a house of cards but for her and Ruhi it is their whole life and she cannot gamble it.

Abhimanyu tells her that he is equally serious about this commitment while Aarohi asks him about this phone call. 

Abhimanyu tells her that he does not know how this number is with Akshara as he has only given this number to Rohan. 

Aarohi tells him to pick up the call and put it on speaker so she can also hear what Abheer has to say. 

Abhimanyu picks up the call and is surprised to hear Akshara’s voice. 

Akshara scolds him for not picking up his call when she has been calling for so long. 

Later, she apologises to him telling him to excuse a worried mother while Abhimanyu asks her what has happened to Abheer and if he is alright.

Akshara tells him that Abheer is far from fine and explains his condition to him which shocks Abhimanyu and he tells her that he is coming. 

Akshara feels relieved to hear Abhimanyu and goes inside to tell everyone after thanking God. 

In the meantime, Abhinav tells Akshara to prepare a bag for the hospital while he checks with the hospital about when they will have to come. 

Abhimanyu and Aarohi are back on the way while Abhimanyu regrets not following his intuition. 

Aarohi apologises to Abhimanyu for acting out without knowing the reasons while he tells her to not worry. 

At home, Manish tells Abhinav that whenever he feels scared as a father, he can come and hug him and he will take care of the rest. 

Just then, Akshara comes and tells Abhinav and Manish that it is time to go while Abhinav picks up Abheer and they come down where Suhasini blesses them after warding off the evil eye. 

At the hospital, Akshara is with Abheer when Abhimanyu comes there looking furious and asks her how can she do something like this and keep his son a secret from him. 

Akshara looks at him in fear and shock but Abhinav’s voice brings her back from her thoughts. 

After a while, Dr. Rohan comes to take Abheer for the surgery while Abhinav and Akshara send him with shaking hands. 

In the meantime, Abhimanyu also arrives at the hospital and takes Abheer inside for the procedure. 

Abheer becomes happy to see him and asks him if he is dreaming or if he is real. 

Abhimanyu tells Abheer that he is there for him and that together they will defeat this disease and will get back to health. 

Outside, Akshara and others are waiting anxiously when Aarohi comes to Akshara and hugs her without saying a word. 

Meanwhile, Abheer asks Abhimanyu if something else is wrong with him instead of a stomach infection otherwise Akshara and Abhinav will not be so sad. 

Abhimanyu tells him that his test reports have not come yet and as soon as it will come he will tell him what the problem is. 

As Abhimanyu is about to leave, Abheer tells him to save him for his mother and more for his father who cannot sleep without him.  

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