Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Written Update 28th June 2019

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Written Update 28th June 2019

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's YRHPK 28 Jun episode starts with Kunal and Kuhu reaching Shweta’s party.

Mishti informs everyone that Kunal and Abir will come to her party.

Everyone reunites with Kunal but he gets shocked to see Shweta.

Kuhu learns from Shweta that she is the ex-girlfriend of Kunal.

Kunal gets mad at Kuhu for bringing him to Shweta’s party.

Mishti blames Shweta of being black hearted.

Shweta spills drink on Mishti.

On Shweta’s command, some boys follow Mishti into the ladies room.

Meanwhile, Parul is upset with Meenakshi.

Meenakshi convinces Parul that whatever she is doing is for good.

Parul is still not convinced with her explanation.

Kuhu gets angry with Abir for not telling her the truth about Shweta.

Meanwhile, Mishti gets trapped in the washroom with some guys.

She throws pepper spray in their eyes but still they get successful in trapping her.

All the guys move out of the washroom on Abir’s entry.

Mishti gets relieved to see Abir.

Kuhu explains Kunal everything and Kunal forgives her, realising how different she is from Mishti.

Kunal sees some people watching Abir and Mishti’s photograph.

He gets upset and Shweta is there in no time to delude Kunal about Abir.

Kuhu and Shweta again have a face off.

Kunal finds no one in the bathroom and realises maybe the picture wasn’t real.

Shweta calls her Meenakshi and tells her she is sending some pictures to her.

She leaves on her what she wishes to do with those pictures.

Mishti feels attracted to Abir.

The written update of 28 June 2019 Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke episode full story ends.

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