Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Written Update 3rd June 2019: Kunal hurts Mishty

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Written Update 3rd June 2019: Kunal hurts Mishty

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's YRHPK 3 Jun episode starts with Mishty getting delighted to see Abir back. Abir says he will tell the truth to Kunal before the completion of the goddhana.

A waiter comes and asks Naman to go to a separate room. Meanwhile, Laxman does all the preparations.

Meenakshi announces that she will give a sitar performance for the goddhana. The chandelier begins to fall on Meenakshi.

Mishty rushes towards Meenakshi and saves her. Rajshri gets panicky. Abir says he will go and check to find out why the chandelier fell.

Naman comes out of the room. Abir blames Naman by seeing the grease on his clothes. Meenakshi enacts to support Naman.

Naman says he wants to go away and he is not involved in anything. Naman says one of the waiters instructed him to go to the liver room.

Abir and Shaurya take Naman to the police station. Naman admits that they framed him in Naitik’s murder earlier also.

Rajshri counters him by saying that he did attempt to kill Naitik. Kunal confronts Mishty for hiding the truth from him.

Mishty says she didn’t know the truth about Naman. She questions Kunal for hiding his engagement truth from her.

Kunal admits that Abir was the person who sent balloons and gifts to her on his behalf. Kunal says he cannot waste his time for managing marital courtship.

Kunal states to Mishty that he has forgiven him and so she should come for the goddhana.

The written update of 3 June 2019 Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke episode full story ends.

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