Radha Mohan 15th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan telling Meera to wait while he goes inside to check as Radha is making Yug wear a ring but it falls and bounces as it reaches Mohan's shoes.

He picks it up and loses one of his earbuds while Yug goes outside and meets Mohan while he tells him that he has come to see the house.

Yug says that he can't show the house today as there is a party going on while Radha too comes outside but Mohan is gone till then.

He walks towards his car as she tells Meera that he feels like this home is of someone he knows as Meera says that she wishes this house was of someone they know.

They finally leave from there as Radha comes and sees Mohan and Meera leaving while she follows them but trips and lands on the mud imprints of Mohan's shoes.

Yug picks her up while he tells her to be careful and takes her inside as he wipes the mud on her forehead and kisses her on the forehead.

Then, he receives a call when she spots the earbud of Mohan but Mohan is in his car.

He, suddenly, gets out of the car and comes back there while she spots Radha and Yug together but only their back is visible to him.

He once again calls out her name as Meera tells him that she is Radhika and not Radha.

She further says that she knows he came from Vrindavan to Delhi in search of Radha but Mohan says that he came here majorly for Gungun's study.

Concurrently, Yug and Radha come Inside while Dadi asks them what took them so long, and later Yug makes Radha wear the ring and everyone claps.

The waiter brings the cake while they call Manan and they cut the cake together.

Yug and Radha feed cake to each other while somehow, Radha gets a cut after which Yug immediately puts her finger in his mouth so that it doesn't bleed anymore.

Meanwhile, Yug's mother, Dadi, and brother see it happening as her mother doesn't feel good.

He feeds Manan cake and then goes to his mother who tells her that they have an old relationship with blood as he tells her to forget what happened in the past and that whatever is happening is perfect.

Elsewhere, Meera asks Mohan if she can sleep with Mohan as she is afraid of darkness while Gungun teases them saying that they should get a room if they want to have romance.

This makes Mohan ask Meera to stop as there is a kid around while Gungun says that she is fifteen now and is not a kid anymore.

Mohan goes to sleep as Gungun tells Meera that Mohan doesn't understand that she has a crush on him while Meera says that it's her job to keep trying and it's god's job to give the fruit as they laugh.

In the meantime, Mohan recalls how he felt Radha's presence today while Radha too recalls the same.

He thinks about the time when he married Radha and brought her to his home as Radha too remembers the moments from the past.

He says to himself that today he felt she was very close to him and decides to tell her to answer his questions when he meets her while Radha says the same to herself and thinks the same.

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