Radha Mohan 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Radha seeing Mohan from the window but seems unsure while she quickly goes back to her channel and continues giving advice recalling her past with Mohan.

She plays the next song and gets flashbacks of her past moments with Mohan.

Meanwhile, Meera and Mohan enter the office for a meeting while Radha runs towards the door and looks for Mohan but misses to see him for a second.

She thinks that it was a hallucination and talks to herself saying that situations might change but people don't.

Kadambari is in the car when she sees Radha and gets shocked recalling everything from the past.

She thinks to herself what Radha is doing here and gets scared that she will expose the truth that she has hidden for such a long time.

She plans to start the car and hit Radha right away and somehow starts the car. The car moves towards Radha while Mohan and Meera are going to see Yug's dadi and find Yug in a hurry and panic as they get to know that there is some emergency with Radha.

He rushes to Radha while Mohan and Meera follow them and see the car moving and jumps inside the car to stop it as he sees Kadambari's hand near the hand break.

He thinks that she was trying to stop the car but is unaware of the truth while Yug checks on Radha and asks if she is fine.

She says that she is all right but he says that she should go to the hospital but Radha refuses while Yug is constantly in a panic and says that she should go to the hospital.

Concurrently, Mohan asks Meera to take care of Kadambari while he goes and sees if Yug's wife is all right, meanwhile, Radha convinces him that she is fine only her dress got a little dirty.

He says that he will clean it while she makes him calm down while Kadambari thinks that Mohan has not met Radha yet as Radhika is being called to the show as it is still love.

She tells Yug that she will talk to him later as her show is live and Mohan comes there instantly and asks Yug if his wife is fine.

He tells him that she is all right and asks who is this careless man driving while Mohan tells him it's his car and Kadambari is sitting inside who is paralyzed for 7 years but today, seeing his wife in danger, she tried to pull the handbrake.

In the meantime, Kadambari thinks that Radha and Mohan's paths have crossed again and if they meet each other then this time she will be exposed for sure.

She further thinks that the only good thing in her life is that Mohan doesn't yet know her truth and if Radha comes back, he will get to know everything.

Subsequently, Yug asks Mohan if he could meet Kadambari and says thanks to her while Mohan says he wants to meet Radha and asks if she is fine.

They all go inside the office as Mohan feels drawn towards Radha while Kadambari doesn't want it to happen.

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