Radha Mohan 20th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Manan telling Radha that injuries are the reward of hard work to which she asks who told this to him as he runs away.

Radha follows him and calls him when Gungun hears it and recalls how Radha used to chase Gungun and she finds Mohan's earpods.

She returns it to him while he tells her that it must be her prank but she refuses while she calls him cheap for getting bothered by an earpod.

He calls her generation a waste while Gungun says that her generation perfectly knows they can't let old things go.

Khattar agrees as he calls Mohan old saying old people are obsessed with old things which offends Meera and Gungun.

Mohan says the more old people and things get, the more deep their relationships and habits get and when they get lost, it hurts.

Listening to this, Gungun says that Khattar was right when he said that Mohan is old.

They go on to see Gungun's room while Mohan talks to himself saying that this home feels good to him and just like he found his other earpods, he wishes he finds what he is searching for.

Meanwhile, Radha asks Manan who told him what he said earlier he says that no one told him and he is already smart while Radha says to herself that she feels like she has been running from her past and what she is running from is coming close to her.

She further wishes that she never faced her past as Mohan wishes that he meets what he is searching for as Gungun comes there.

She comes and asks him what she is saying but Mohan says that he is not saying anything as Yug comes there and meets Mohan.

He says that he knows he wants to move into the house early but since the renovation work is going on, this is not possible, and wishes him all the best in finding a new house.

Mohan says that he wants to buy this house only and is ready to wait for it to get done.

He further says that this house feels homely and Yug gives credits to Radha for maintaining the house and giving it the vibe it has while Mohan says that he loves it.

Meera says that they will get the further renovation done by themselves but Mohan and Yug refuse instantly as Mohan says that his taste matches with Yug's wife while Khattar congratulates Mohan for finalizing the house.

Yug tells him that before he shifts in the house, she will have to meet his Dadi as Mohan says that he surely will as the workers are shifting the ladder.

They accidentally get some patch made on the wall which makes Yug furious while Radha calls and says that she wants to meet them but Mohan has to leave.

Just then Radha comes and sees Mohan going from the back while Yug goes near the mark on the wall as Radha is about to scare him and he turns back suddenly and holds her close to him and later takes her out.

Concurrently, Meera says that she feels like she is a mother to Gungun which infuriates Gungun as she says that the relationship with a mother is a lie.

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