Radha Mohan 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Mohan seeing Radha from back as he feels her presence around and Radha feels the same when she is about to turn but stops.

She talks to herself saying that she is overthinking and she has no place for her past in her present.

Meanwhile, Mohan goes looking for Radha as Ketki and Ajeet are on their way to the office.

On the other hand, Dadi is outside when a car splashes mud on her by mistake and Ketki and Ajeet come out of the car.

She starts shouting at them when Dadi and Ketki get into an argument when she insults her and her style as Poonam warns her and applies mud on her.

They eventually get into a fight and fall into the muddy puddle as they continue to fight.

Back in the office, Yug sees Mohan standing near Radha's cabin and he goes there.

He opens the door to make Radha and Mohan meet but finds Radha busy so he tells Mohan that she will be available after some time.

Radha and Mohan both feel each other's presence and just when he is about to make Mohan meet Radha, the peon comes and informs him that Dadi is having a fight with someone and he must go right now.

They both rush outside while Radha wonders who is behind the door.

They reach outside and see Dadi and Ketki covered in mud and fighting while Yug and Mohan help Dad get up.

In the meantime, Radha inquires from Ritu about the people who came along with Yug to meet her but she is unaware about it.

Mohan accidentally falls into the puddle when Dadi sees him and flirts with him while Meera gets jealous. She calls him a handsome and nice man as Yug asks her to come out.

However, Mohan and Yug take Dadi out of the puddle as she is still getting shy seeing Mohan and says that his clothes are all dirty and torn Mohan flirts back saying she does not look like Dadi instead she looks like she is Yug's younger sister.

She gets shy and tells him that he has gotten covered in mud but he says he has a solution and goes somewhere when she says that he is full of surprises.

Concurrently, Radha asks the peon where Yug is and he tells him as she goes there.

Meanwhile, Mohan brings a pile of water and washes himself as he and Dadi start a flirty conversation.

Mohan asks her what her name is as she introduces herself as Pari and he says that this name suits her.

She warns Ketki not to comment on her fashion sense ever again and Yug sends her away.

Mohan says that she has used his charm on Dadi and will now use it on his wife in a joke which offends Yug and he warns her not to do this as his wife is his life.

Radha comes there and sees Mohan and Yug talking as she rushes there.

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