Radha Mohan 24th March 2024 Written Update

Radha Mohan 24th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Radha Mohan episode starts with Yug taking Mohan inside to meet Radha but he says that he can't meet her in this condition and goes back in his car while Meera says that Yug is weird and gets angry at small things as he says that it's better to focus on Dadi to tease Meera.

Meanwhile, Kadambari thinks of a way to make sure Radha and Mohan don't meet.

Radha comes there as soon as Mohan and Meera go and she asks him if there is someone who came to meet and he tells her that it is their neighbor to be.

Concurrently, Mohan thinks to himself that weird things have been happening to him since he saw that house and talks to himself.

He says that today he felt Radha's presence so strongly that he can touch her if he advances his hand.

At the same time, Radha thinks the same as she says that she felt that she could see him once she turned around.

Mohan thinks that he is hopeful to find her now while Radha thinks that she is scared to meet Mohan again and asks him to take care of Gungun in her heart.

They both recall their past moments when they shared an unbreakable bond.

They hug each other dance with each other in memory and spend a lot of precious time with each other.

Later that night, Radha sleeps as Yug stares at her without blinking and smiles while he sees her damaged clothes and recalls the incident where the car was about to hit her.

He smells it and dances with it while he sees a stain on her cloth and tries to remove it saying Radhika cannot have a stain and washes the cloth psychotically but is unable to remove it.

He says that the moon can have marks but Radhika can't and says that he loves her a lot and won't let any mark be on her as she sleeps.

He keeps staring at her and says that Yug can't let Radhika get stained and finally succeeds in removing the stain from her clothes.

The next morning, Radhika calls Manan for breakfast or he will be late but Manan says that he doesn't want to go to school while Yug tells him that not every day is Holi and asks him to go to school.

Subsequently, they see Dadi coming with rollers on and ask her what is the deal while Poonam tells them that she is excited about the new neighbors and asks Radhika where is her vermillion which bothers Yug.

Poonam says that vermillion is the symbol of her husband's long life and adds that if Radhika doesn't want to then it's ok.

She explains herself saying that she got occupied with breakfast and Manan so she forgot and went to apply it.

Just then, Yug cuts his finger and goes to apply his blood to her but Poonam stops him.

Elsewhere, Mohan sees a photo album and says that Holi was Radha's favorite festival and everything feels incomplete without Radha being there.

He further adds that they were very happy together but everything is spoiled and consoles himself saying that he feels that he will meet Radha soon when Gungun comes there and asks who is he talking about.

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