Bhagya Lakshmi: Neelam Gets A New Shocker

Bhagya Lakshmi: Neelam Gets A New Shocker

Neelam gets a new shocker seeing Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Rishi misses Lakshmi and chats with Lakshmi unaware of her identity.

There, Paro fails again to impress Neelam, while Lakshmi and her family lament over not getting a good price for their crops, to which Rohan tells them an idea after discussing it with Rishi to help them.

After that, Lakshmi disguises to execute it.

Ranjit's dad instructs Ranjit and his men that they have to occupy Lakshmi's land and stop her success.

Meanwhile, Neelam is shocked to see the video of disguised Lakshmi.

There, Rishi also gets surprised to see Paro and Lakshmi's similar habits.

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