Bhagya Lakshmi 17th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Rishi excitedly talking Ayush and asking him to do arrangements in new house for Lakshmi and Paro and they shouldn't feel any problem.

Meanwhile, Ayush is happy to see know that Rishi is happy after which, Rishi says that he can't express how much he is happy with Paro and Lakshmi arrival.

There, Paro, Lakshmi, and Shalu pack the bags to go to the city while trying to convince Dadi to accompany them but Dadi refuses.

After that, Rishi comes home and meet Rohan, after which he asks him to guess what's special he is going to give him but he is unable to guess just then Anushka comes there to keep Rohan's toy at place and listens to Rishi saying that he'll get a sister for Rohan.

Further, Anushka leaves from there excitedly while Rishi clarifies to Rohan that Paro is coming there and will stay in Mumbai only from now onwards.

This makes Rohan happy while Rishi tells him that he did it by offering a scholarship to Paro as she is going to get a prize too.

Meanwhile, Anushka misunderstands Rishi's words and reveals to Neelam and Malishka that Rishi is planning for a baby which excites Malishka while Neelam says finally her sacrifices will be worth it.

There, Lakshmi and Paro close the suitcase and Paro goes from there while Shalu asks Lakshmi to reconsider her decision but Lakshmi says that she can't ruin Paro's future due to her past and she'll face any challenge for it.

On the other hand, Malishka is happy and talks with Rishi that she knows he is going to bring Rohan's sister while Rishi thinks he is talking about Paro and says after tomorrow their lives will be changed.

However, Malishka thinks Rishi is planning something special for tomorrow while Rishi thinks Malishka has accepted Paro and thanks her for always being with him.

Meanwhile, Paro, Lakshmi, and Shalu pray from their better future before leaving the house and Paro prays to god to not let Lakshmi be sad.

She adds, that she also wants to meet her dad while Lakshmi prays to god to fulfill every wish of Paro and take care of villagers.

Further, Lakshmi, Paro, and Shalu request Dadi to come with them again but Dadi refused saying she'll call them to take her when she'll miss them.

After that, the villagers come to see them off and gives best wishes to them while Malishka is excited for Rishi surprise.

However, Rishi talks with the vice principal about the arrangements of Lakshmi and Paro stay while Paro and family come.

Vice principal tells them that Rishi is in his cabin but they should complete the admission formalities first after which, Paro asks Lakshmi and Shalu to do it while she goes to meet Rishi.

Further, she meets Rishi and asks him to take her home and Rishi obliges her to surprise Rohan while the family is shocked to know about Paro's family shift and the real meaning of Rishi's words.

They rebuke Rishi while Harleen asks them to not scold Rishi in front of Paro so they go into the room while Harleen takes Rishi with her leaving Paro at home with Rohan.

There, Malishka cries and Karishma and Malishka scold Anushka for misunderstanding while Neelam stands angry.

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