Bhagya Lakshmi 18th April 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Malishka and Karishma scolding Anushka for listening half of Rishi's talk and misunderstand the situation, while Neelam takes a stand for her saying it's not Anushka's fault but anybody who would have listened to Rishi will think in this way.

After that, Anushka says that she thinks Rishi is talking about his and Malishka's daughter as Rohan's sister as they were even discussing about it recently in the house.

There, Neelam vents her frustration that only they were thinking like that while Paro has come back to their lives.

Meanwhile, Karishma says that it's maybe the plan of Lakshmi to keep Rishi and Paro close after which Malishka says that they have to keep them separate.

On the other hand, the vice principal tells Lakshmi and Shalu that Paro's admission is done and they should go to their new home with peon while Lakshmi says she has to go to take Paro from Oberoi's house first.

After that, Shalu goes home while Lakshmi comes to pick up Paro while Rohan is happy to see her and is about to call Malishka and the others but Lakshmi says she'll meet them later as she is getting late.

Meanwhile, Paro thinks currently everyone is angry so it's good if Lakshmi doesn't meet them now and goes out from there.

Just then, Malishka sees Lakshmi there from upstairs and gets shocked.

Further, she comes downstairs to check her but until then Lakshmi is gone while Malishka gets faint which makes Rohan worried and he calls Neelam.

After that, Neelam asks Malishka that what happened while Rohan goes to call Anushka after which Malishka tells Neelam that she has seen Lakshmi but Neelam doesn't believe her as she has died.

However, Malishka takes Neelam with her requesting to check Lakshmi as she might not gone so far yet while Karishma and Anushka come there with Rohan and don't find them.

There, Paro asks Lakshmi to go to the temple and Malishka spots them so she takes Neelam there too while Lakshmi and Paro pray after which Paro goes to do rounds just then Malishka and Neelam come there.

Then, Malishka out on Lakshmi and asks Neelam to check her but Neelam and Lakshmi can't see each other due to circumstances in the meantime, Lakshmi goes from there and Neelam sees another girl.

After that, she tells Malishka that there is no Lakshmi but Malishka can't believe her.

On the other hand, Lakshmi asks Paro why she hurried to take her out from Rohan's house while Paro makes an excuse but Lakshmi catches it and asks her to tell her the truth.

Further, Paro says that they don't like her to come their house so Lakshmi says to Paro to not go to Oberoi's house afterward but Paro twists the tale.

There, Malishka tries to prove her point at home but Neelam rebukes her.

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