Kumkum Bhagya: Purvi's Condition Rattles RV

Kumkum Bhagya: Purvi's Condition Rattles RV

Purvi's condition rattles RV while Purvi warns Monisha to be within her limits as Rajvansh is her husband while Monisha threatens her that she can every limit to get Rajvansh.

There, Rajvansh refuses to take Purvi's help and sends her back thinking she has sent him to jail while Monisha complains about Purvi taunting her, to which Rajvansh decides to teach her a lesson.

Purvi warns Rajvansh to think before scolding him as she is the only one who can bail him out.

She adds that Rajvansh has to do what she says and then asks the police to release Rajvansh as he is innocent while the inspector asks what should they do with Monisha, to which Purvi says that they can keep her for a long shocking Deepika.

Will Rajvansh understand Purvi's care?

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