Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with The constable taking Prachi to KK where he goes to bring the pen to sign the papers.

Prachi sees him from a distance and is shocked when she realizes that her saree has been stuck.

He passed behind his back when they both felt their heart beating fast but they couldn’t find each other.

Prachi asks a constable where KK is when he tells her that he just went outside and she goes in the same direction to search for him.

Meanwhile, KK goes to the kitchen when Yug comes there following him and telling him that no one puts the camera in a kitchen but RV disagrees saying that kitchens have cameras at wedding venues.

He agrees while they continue their hunt. He finds the CCTV which makes them happy while RV prays that the CCTV works and they go outside where they meet Monisha and Deepika.

She asks them where are they going and he tells them that they have found the camera which will help them find the real culprit.

On the other hand, Purvi feels that Ranbir is around and asks god why he makes her feel that way if she hasn’t met him while Ranbir thinks the same.

Prachi meets Purvi and Tashu and gets happy as she apologizes to Tashu for ruining her special day. She says that it is not her fault that KK signs the papers when the inspector says that Prachi is outside.

He is shocked to listen to this and goes out. But till then Prachi is gone and turns out that the inspector is talking about a constable named Prachi.

Tashu teases him asking if the constable has asked him to send the constable home and he goes back to sign the papers.

In the meantime, Manpreet talks to Ankush asking to take Prachi out anyhow.

He gets Prachi’s call which amazes him and he receives the call.

They all become happy when she tells them that she is at home to bring something.

They all ask her how she got out when she tells them that KK bailed her and Tashu is also there.

She asks them to reach the venue and disconnects the call when she sees a man throwing out his wife since the salt in the food is less.

Prachi goes to defend the lady telling him that he is weak and that is why he is treating his wife this way.

She blames the crowd too for not standing by her while the husband asks his wife to come inside.

The wife says that she will live with Prachi today.

Concurrently, Purvi goes to her home along with KK and Tashu.

On the flip side, Diya clashes with Yug midway and says that he did not even come to the police station even though she was expecting him the most.

Yug tells her RV was busy tracking the culprit when Harleen comes there telling RV to stop his investigation since she is free now.

He disagrees saying that he needs to find out the real culprit as it is about their dignity.

At the same time, Tashu thanks KK for doing this much for Prachi when she comes but KK still misses seeing her.

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