Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Prachi requesting the police inspector and the manager to check the CCTV footage to prove a lady's innocence.

Meanwhile, the inspector asks her if she is related to that lady, to which Prachi says that she isn't but the lady is a good and truthful person thus she is helping her.

Further, Prachi requests again to see the CCTV footage and the shop manager and the inspector and finds that it's the manager who put that extra dupatta mistakenly in the lady's bag.

After that, he apologizes to that lady and she forgives him, and then Prachi and that lady take their leave.

Meanwhile, Purvi tells Rajvansh that Monisha is wrong because she isn't letting Rajvansh go on the honeymoon with his wife Purvi.

Further, they both reveal to each other that they don't want to go on the honeymoon, while they fight there Purvi says Rajvansh's brain is damaged, to which he says that Purvi doesn't even have the brain.

After that, he taunts Purvi saying he married a girl who doesn't have a brain while Purvi says that Monisha doesn't even have manners to not come in between husband and wife, to which Rajvansh justifies Monisha.

Meanwhile, Purvi asks him to marry Monisha if that's the case and Rajvansh agrees, to which Purvi tries to leave the house taking her suitcase, while Rajvansh stops her for Dadu's sake.

Further, they decide to go on the honeymoon for Dadu's sake and Purvi asks him to do his packing himself.

There, Deepika shares her frustration with Vaishali about how Monisha is blaming her for Rajvansh and Purvi's honeymoon.

However, Vaishali asks her to call Monisha and asks her to come back and fight against Purvi and not give up, while Deepika tells Monisha the same over the call.

On the other hand, the lady and Prachi with Diya come outside of the shop, and then the lady gives her introduction to Prachi that she is Trisha Jaiswal and her friends call her Tashu.

She thanks Prachi for what she did for her while Diya says that Prachi always stands for good people.

Further, when Trisha is going to leave with her car some poor kids come and Trisha gives them gifts while Prachi and Diya struggle to find transport so she gives a lift to them.

There, Deepika and Vaishali wait for Monisha saying they have to make Monisha understand as she is childish while Monisha comes there and rebukes Deepika.

After that, Vaishali calms her down saying that she doesn't need to feel insecure as they are with her, and Rajvansh and Purvi's marriage is just an act for Rajvansh's revenge.

She adds, that Monisha shouldn't blame Deepika for not telling her about Rajvansh's wedding because it is an act.

This makes Monisha calm down while Vaishali goes from there asking Deepika to tell Monisha about life's truth.

There, Purvi makes food to eat along the way while Dadi jokes with her and then tells her that it's not needed.

Just then, Prachi calls Purvi and Dadi talks with Prachi happily.

On the other hand, Deepika asks Monisha to make Rajvansh cancel his honeymoon with Purvi anyhow as if Rajvansh and Purvi spend a night together then Rajvansh will become hers.

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