Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Bhagya Lakshmi episode starts with Malishka spotting Lakshmi near the taxi from the backside and running to check her being tense.

However, a car crosses her path and in the meantime, Lakshmi is gone from there while Malishka wonders if that woman is Lakshmi.

There, Anushka fixes Rohan's favorite car and checks it which is about to make Harleen fall with offerings, but it doesn't happen while Neelam feels relieved that the offering doesn't fall otherwise it would have been a bad omen.

Meanwhile, Harleen calms her saying now everything will happen well only as the offering didn't fall, to which Neelam says since Lakshmi has left the house and Malishka has become Rishi's wife everything is happening well and should stay like this only.

As Neelam and Anushka leave, Harleen thinks she is also getting a good feeling, while Rishi is taking Paro to the office and in the car Paro's cute antics make Rishi happy.

However, as Paro mentions that she'll go back with her mother it makes Rishi sad.

There, Malishka tries to calm herself that it can't be Lakshmi as she is dead but it doesn't help her restlessness.

Further, she goes inside the mall to search for that lady (Lakshmi) to clear her doubts.

On the other hand, Rohan brings Lakshmi to the mall where he meets Rishi's friend Ujjwal and asks him to let him shop and Rishi will pay for it, after which Ujjwal agrees.

However, Lakshmi tries to convince Rohan to not give her gifts as his love is enough for her but Rohan insists.

Meanwhile, Malishka comes into the mall searching for Lakshmi but their hit-and-miss moment happens, whereas Paro comes to Rishi's office where she gets excited seeing new things, and then Ayush and Avinash bring snacks for her.

There, Rohan selects a dress for Lakshmi and asks her to try it so Lakshmi goes to the trial room, while Rohan thinks of mischief and hides there to see if Lakshmi can find him or not and asks the saleswoman to tell him when Lakshmi returns.

Just then, Malishka comes there but can't see Rohan and then goes to check in the trail room as it's the only place left in the mall but she misses seeing Lakshmi again.

Further, Lakshmi returns and searches for Rohan while the salesgirl signals her where Rohan is hidden so she finds him.

After that, an old woman asks Lakshmi to help her in selecting a saree and Lakshmi does so and Lakshmi and Malishka's hit and miss happen again.

Later, Malishka sees a lady who looks like Lakshmi from the back but it turns out as someone else so Malishka feels relieved that Lakshmi isn't there and she can't return as she has died.

She comes back home and tells Kiran that she saw Lakshmi today in the mall which makes her shocked when Neelam overhears it.

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