Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Purvi chanting Hanuman Chalisa as she is very scared while RV roams around.

Purvi asks him not to move while he says that he hasn't ever seen a ghost getting scared from a ghost.

She continues her chanting as RV shouts in her ear and she gets scared.

She asks him not to do this while he keeps on scaring her and she decides to leave.

As soon as she proceeds to leave, she finds out that it's raining outside while she says she is strong and points out at the shoes that are visible from behind the curtain.

RV approaches it carefully while Harleen on the other hand tries to connect to RV and doubts if he is in any trouble.

She wishes for RV to receive the phone as RV finds out that it is just a pair of shoes and not a human.

He mocks Purvi as she says that her fear is valid while he leaves saying he will be back soon.

Purvi feels thirsty and searches for water as she wanders around the mansion while she hears some footsteps and makes herself believe that it's just a hallucination.

She senses someone coming as she hides behind the door and calls for RV but there is no response.

As she finds the opportunity, she escapes and runs as she clashes with RV and falls in his arms while they get lost in deep eye contact.

Purvi tells him that there is someone around the kitchen while RV acts careless as he says he wants to sleep.

On the other hand, Harleen talks to Monisha and Deepika as she scolds them and says that she has already warned them that nothing should happen to RV.

She tells Monisha that her pity plans will not work while Monisha says that she loves RV and she is feeling insecure which is the reason she is doing all this.

Harleen tells her that she is not doing right and adds that if she keeps on doing all this, she will look negative to everyone, and then nothing can redeem her image.

She warns Monisha asking not to compel her to become something she is not and adds that she gets where all the plans of Monisha are coming from but she can't bear anything happening to RV.

She leaves as Monisha gets happy that RV is coming back while Deepika asks her to calm down because Harleen might listen to all this.

Concurrently, RV sleeps while Purvi gets scared of the windows banging close and open as she decides to wake RV up.

She tells him that something is wrong with this place as RV shouts at her saying that the weather is not good outside and what she is hearing is because of it.

She requests RV to check while he refuses and sleeps.

She tries to sleep on RV'S command while she hears the door squeaking as she sees the silhouette of a man and starts chanting.

The man disappears as she calls herself and sleeps while a hand approaches her legs and she wakes up.

She gathers all her courage and goes to find out as a man approaches her from behind. She gets scared and calls for RV.

He beats the man as they escape the mansion while RV asks her how she feels when he is close to her.

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