Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Rajvansh asking Purvi if she feels anything when he is around her as he feels and asks if he should tell her what he feels, to which Purvi nods.

After that, Rajvansh tells Purvi that he feels so irritated around her and she is a big problem that's why we couldn't even complete such a simple task of going on the honeymoon too, as it became so hard due to her.

Meanwhile, Purvi asks him to ask for a lift instead, to which Rajvansh says in attitude that he won't ask for the lift and states that even Purvi can't get the lift.

Further, Purvi asks him to not underestimate her and asks an oldie couple for the lift, the old man refuses to give a lift initially but agrees to his wife's request, and then Rajvansh and Purvi board into their car.

On the other hand, Monisha brings champagne to celebrate her plan's success while Deepika asks her to behave but Monisha asks her to not drink if she doesn't want to but she'll.

However, Deepika joins her but just then Harleen comes there and scolds them for celebrating when she isn't even able to connect with Rajvansh.

After that, Monisha assures her about Rajvansh's safety saying he is safe on the highway it is just that there are no facilities.

Further, Harleen gets happy after getting Rajvansh's call and then tells Monisha that Rajvansh and Purvi are going to the resort for their honeymoon after getting the lift thus her plan backfires.

There, Rajvansh makes irked faces seeing the romance between the oldie couple, while they are Rajvansh and Purvi if they are newly married, how's their life going?

Listening to this, Rajvansh starts complaining about Purvi while the older couple says that they were too like them but with time love grows between them.

The old aunty advises Purvi to win Rajvansh's heart with love and care as man's heart is soft while Rajvansh says he won't love Purvi ever and they fight again.

There, Monisha fumes at her plan's failure while Deepika tries to console her.

However, Monisha continues to vent her anger but Deepika asks her to not scream, to which Monisha says that she doesn't care and should know that Rajvansh's marriage with Purvi is a mistake as she loves him the most.

Further, Deepika asks her to cancel the hotel bookings so Rajvansh and Purvi have to come back, to which Monisha likes her idea and thinks of something, and when Deepika asks her to tell the plan Monisha asks her to wait and watch as Rajvansh's honeymoon will be with her only.

There, Rajvansh and Purvi fight while the old couple says that they were also like them in their past time and then drops Rajvansh and Purvi to the resort.

After that, the oldie aunty gives money as a blessing to Purvi, blesses them for their married life, and asks them to understand the responsibility of marriage.

Further, Purvi talks with Prachi and hides about the haunted house incident while Prachi asks her to take care and worries that there shouldn't be any problem due to Monisha.

Later, Rajvansh and Purvi are shocked to find their booking canceled and unable to find any room to stay.

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