Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2024 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Monisha asking the waiter if he understands what he has to do and warns him that no one should get to know about it.

Meanwhile, Purvi who is eavesdropping on her wonders what's Monisha planning and for whom, she has to find out also if Rajvansh is her partner in crime.

There, Prachi comes home and sees the news on television that the riots are happening on road number 5 which makes Prachi tense for Trishna as she has gone through the same road.

Further, Prachi calls Trishna to know her whereabouts, to which Trishna informs her she has reached home safely and jokes that even her husband doesn't care for her like Prachi.

She informs that her husband sprained his hand so she is treating him just then Ranbir is revealed as Trishna's husband.

Further, she tells Prachi that she and her husband are very good friends while Prachi remembers Ranbir.

After cutting the call, Ranbir and Trishna talk about Prachi, and when Trishna is about to reveal Prachi's name she can't as Ranbir gets a call.

There, Monisha calls Deepika and tells her how she has bribed the waiter to spike Purvi's drink to go inside Rajvansh's room.

Further, she says that as Rajvansh and Purvi come down to the hall for dinner her work will be accomplished, while Deepika asks her to be careful as Purvi shouldn't be harmed.

However, Monisha assures her but then says she doesn't care as she can do anything to get Rajvansh.

There, Rajvansh and Purvi come down to the hall while the waiter asks them why they are not holding hands, to which Purvi lies that Rajvansh has a cold thus he maintains distance from her.

After that, Rajvansh questions Purvi for lying, to which Purvi says that she lied for Dadu and Dadi.

There, Monisha instructs the waiter to mix one tablet in Purvi's drink as she'll kill Purvi herself for marrying Rajvansh, not him.

When the waiter tries to defend Purvi she says that Purvi has stolen her husband so the waiter agrees to her.

Meanwhile, the host declares a girls vs boys dance competition where they have to dance separately but whose dance steps sync well will be the winners.

However, Rajvansh says it is boring, to which Purvi teases him for not knowing dance so Rajvansh agrees.

There, Deepika tries to contact Monisha but can't so she worries just then Harleen comes and questions her, to which she makes excuses while Harleen asks her to not mess with Rajvansh.

This makes Deepika worried, there the waiter gives her a mask Purvi and praises her while Rajvansh bad-mouths her, to which she gets upset and tries to go but Rajvansh pulls her and asks her to not create the scene as Dadu-Dadi might know about it.

Meanwhile, Rajvansh and Purvi's closeness fuses Monisha into jealousy while Purvi asks Rajvansh to say sorry but he convinces her by taking the name of Dadu-Dadi.

Just then, Deepika calls Monisha who vents her frustration while Deepika asks her to calm down and not get caught doing anything as Harleen is alerted.

Further, Monisha reveals about involving Khushi in the plan which shocks Deepika and then Monisha cuts the call saying she is going to dance with Rajvansh.

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